30 November 2023

If you’re planning a trip and wondering what terminal is lot polish at ORD International Airport (ORD), you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to navigate your way to LOT Polish Airlines’ terminal at ORD seamlessly.


When traveling, one of the key factors in a smooth journey is knowing your departure and arrival terminals. O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago is a bustling hub with numerous airlines serving passengers from around the world. If you’re specifically interested in LOT Polish Airlines and the terminal they use, you’re in for a treat. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about LOT Polish Airlines’ terminal at ORD, ensuring a stress-free start to your journey.

Navigating O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Before we dive into specifics, let’s get acquainted with the layout of O’Hare International Airport. This major transportation hub is divided into several terminals, each serving different airlines. To make your trip planning easier, we’ve outlined the key terminals and their respective airlines.

TerminalAirlines Operating Here
Terminal 1 (T1)United Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Copa Airlines.
Terminal 2 (T2)Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Delta Shuttle, and Southwest Airlines.
Terminal 3 (T3)American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.
Terminal 5 (T5)International carriers, including Emirates, Qatar Airways, and, of course, LOT Polish Airlines.

As you can see, LOT Polish Airlines operates out of Terminal 5 (T5) at ORD. This terminal is dedicated to international flights and offers a wide range of services and amenities to make your journey comfortable.

LOT Polish Airlines at Terminal 5 (T5)

Now that we’ve established that LOT Polish Airlines operates from Terminal 5 (T5) at O’Hare International Airport, let’s delve deeper into what you can expect when flying with this carrier.

LOT Polish Airlines is the flag carrier of Poland and has a strong presence at O’Hare. Whether you’re departing from Chicago or arriving here on an international flight, Terminal 5 is where you’ll find LOT Polish Airlines’ check-in counters, departure gates, and baggage claim areas.

Check-In and Security

When departing from Chicago on LOT Polish Airlines, it’s essential to arrive at O’Hare with ample time before your flight. The check-in process typically begins three hours before departure for international flights. Make sure to have your passport, travel documents, and e-ticket ready. LOT Polish Airlines offers both online check-in and traditional counter check-in for your convenience.

After checking in, you’ll proceed through security screening. Be sure to follow all security guidelines and have your boarding pass and ID readily accessible. Security at O’Hare is stringent but efficient, ensuring the safety of all passengers.

Departure Gates

Once you’ve cleared security, you’ll find yourself in the departure area of Terminal 5. LOT Polish Airlines uses a range of gates in this terminal, so it’s essential to check your boarding pass or airport displays for your specific gate number. The terminal is equipped with seating areas, shops, and restaurants, allowing you to relax and grab a bite to eat before your flight.

Arrival and Baggage Claim

If you’re arriving at O’Hare on a LOT Polish Airlines flight, you’ll disembark at Terminal 5 as well. After deplaning, follow the signs to baggage claim, where you can collect your checked luggage. The airport staff is readily available to assist you if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use Terminal 5 for domestic flights?

No, Terminal 5 is dedicated to international flights. If you’re flying domestically, you’ll likely depart from Terminals 1, 2, or 3.

Q: How early should I arrive at O’Hare for my LOT Polish Airlines flight?

It’s recommended to arrive at least three hours before your international flight’s departure time to ensure a smooth check-in and security process.

Q: Are there lounges available for LOT Polish Airlines passengers at Terminal 5?

Yes, LOT Polish Airlines offers access to lounges at Terminal 5 for business class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members.

Q: Can I bring duty-free items purchased abroad on a LOT Polish Airlines flight?

Yes, you can bring duty-free items purchased abroad on board. However, there may be restrictions on certain items, so it’s advisable to check with airline staff or customs regulations.

Q: Is Terminal 5 at O’Hare International Airport open 24 hours?

Yes, Terminal 5 is open 24 hours to accommodate international flights arriving and departing at various times.

Q: How can I get to Terminal 5 from other terminals at O’Hare?

O’Hare offers a free airport shuttle service called the “ATS” (Airport Transit System) that connects all terminals, including Terminal 5. Follow the signs for the ATS to easily navigate between terminals.


In conclusion, if you’re flying with LOT Polish Airlines to or from O’Hare International Airport (ORD), you’ll be using Terminal 5 (T5). Knowing the terminal and what to expect can greatly enhance your travel experience, ensuring a stress-free journey from check-in to baggage claim. Remember to arrive early, follow security procedures, and enjoy the amenities available at Terminal 5. Safe travels!

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