8 December 2023
Car Tyre

What matters the most for claying your car? Do you need to clean your car before claying? Here, timing is crucial to show the best results of claying on the car. Do not miss out on a showroom-like Shine when investing in car claying. 

But know the correct time and ways to apply the clay bar. With the right care habit, the brand-new shine will be long-lasting. A clay bar can uproot dirt on the car. Even the most stubborn dirt stain on the car comes off easily without leaving any residue.  

Need for Detail Car Wash

Clean your car before claying provides professional results. It can take out most of the dirt from the car’s surface. Use the right cleaning method to ensure the vehicle is ready for claying after washing. If you want a smooth and friction-free canvas, regular cleaning can only remove surface contaminants. But for deep cleaning, clay bars are the best choice. 

If you want to Clean your car before claying in detail, it will remove any previous wax and have a clean surface on the car. Don’t forget to dry off the car’s surface using a towel to be perfectly ready before the claying starts. Nothing like having a slick surface for the clay to stick perfectly. 

A premium claying agent can offer the best results, and this is what professionals mostly prefer using. No random car clay would be suitable as it fails to give the right finish. 

Search an online website for car accessories to get premium car clay bars for claying. Try to get it from a specific shop that deals in car equipment and offers premium items. 

Cleaning and Claying Before Drying the Car

If you wish to Clean your car before claying, you can do it before drying it. A professional detailer often wants to reduce and save time. In this case, they will use a clay lubricant just after washing the car, without drying it. This is how a professional can handle washing, claying and drying the car in a few steps. 

Take care of your car and go through the list of effective and the best car cleaning kit in India. It can help protect the car’s outer covering, making it look brand new. A trustworthy site will have reasonable kit options for your car. Use the perfect clay kit for ease of claying work on the car. A clay bar with a clay lubricant is essential.

Washing and Claying After Rinsing It 

Even when using the best claying elements, professionals can utilise different steps to get the best outcome. Let us take a look at the steps:

  • Detailers will clean your car before claying
  • After washing, they need to rinse the car thoroughly. It helps to make the car’s surface free from any abrasive particles that stick to it 
  • At this time, when the car is not completely dry but free from any dirt and dust particles, it is perfect for a clay lubricant or a detailing clay
  • After completing every panel with a clay bar, a final rinse will work best before drying the car 

The variation of washing, claying, and rinsing the car is what professionals do to save time. However, you should be aware of the complete process of how to Clean your car before claying. It will help you know the final claying outcome and how effectively professionals complete it.

Using a Clay Bar and Lubricating Spray

Clay bars are available as fine or medium. A fine clay bar can remove most of the surface contaminants and wax but will not spoil the paint finish as medium-grade bars might. 

Try to have an expert detailer for the claying task who can perfectly use the grade bars to ensure the car’s shine. The bar should efficiently eliminate car contaminants and clean your car before claying. A fine-grade bar should be a preferable choice for a novice clay user.

How to Make the Clay Bar Pliable?

Before you start the claying treatment, it’s important to make the clay pliable. You can do so using your hands. Squeeze the clay bar in between your palms until it gets soft. Flatten the clay, giving it a circular shape and keeping a minimum thickness.  Social Media Marketing Course in Lahore

After thoroughly washing the car, use the spray lubricant in small areas on the car’s surface. When the clay lubricant covers an area suitably, it helps to remove any scratches on car paint. 

Start this from a clean surface and then move on to an area full of dirt. This will ensure that the clay bar doesn’t get debris quickly.  It completes the steps to clean your car before claying and is ready to start the clay bar treatment on the car and get a professional finish. 

Therefore, suitable washing and drying is sufficient to start claying and maintaining the car’s overall paint. When investing in a professional detailer service, the outcome of the claying is worth the money.

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