29 November 2023
water sports in dubai

Dubai is a synonym for many things, and one is an adventure. Over time, it has managed to be one of the hotspots for adventure destinations because of the water sports on Dubai beaches. Many people know Dubai as the centre of the Arabian Desert. However, most are unaware that it has come up as the best destination for water sports. People from all over the world come only to experience the best Adventure sports in Dubai.

Top water sports in Dubai That Honeymooners Must Try

1. Parasailing

Parasailing is among the popular water sports in Dubai if you are not rushing, instead enjoying it at its own pace. Moreover, parasailing and gliding both are must-try adventure activities in Dubai and you just cannot miss them. In parasailing, there is a special parachute, tied with a boat. It rises above the water as the boat speeds up and glides in the air offering panoramic views of the city. It will give you much awaited adrenaline rush as it goes in the air, and you feel like a soaring eagle in the sky.

2. Flyboarding

Sports are designed to make humans feel like a superhero. Flyboarding is a water activity that uses a jetpack that thrusts high in the sky because of its powerful motor. Fiery, right? But nothing to worry about, there is an instructor present who guides you throughout the duration and is one of the best activities to include in your Dubai Honeymoon Packages. It is one of the most adventurous water activities in Dubai that you should not leave without trying.

3. Speed Boating

It is the most common yet stays amongst the best water activities in Dubai for some family fun time. A speedboat will take you on a tour of the Dubai beachfront and can be experienced at Dubai Jumeirah Beach. It is a safe yet adventurous activity that a family of four members could experience together and share the moments forever.

4. Jet Skiing

The best water sports in Dubai. It is a combination of the mechanical power of a jet ski taking you to the open ocean. As said, it is amongst the best water activities in Dubai so do not miss it at all. Nemo Watersports is a company that delivers the best service in Dubai. You also get to ride near the Burj Al Arab.

5. Kitesurfing

Kite Surfing falls under the most desired water sports activities in Dubai. The crowd is huge, and when you are on the beach you will find catch surfers on the waterboards tied to parachutes riding their way across the water. The parachute leads them over the waves. You will feel strong winds that will help you in harnessing the surfing with the surfboard. So if you are in Dubai, do experience it.

6. Water Skiing

It is a water sport you should not miss when in Dubai. If someone must choose just one water sport in Dubai, then it should be this. The ride is again full of adventure, risk, and fear, yet fulfils your desire to experience a water sport. It is a water sport installed with a powerful machine, zipped along the surface of the water. It is very much like skiing in the snow. The only difference is that you are on the ski board, and the board is tugged along the speedboat.

7. Diving

For all the people who are mesmerized by the beauty of the ocean and want to explore it deeper, the best water activity in Dubai is Diving. You can experience it in Atlantis The Palm, which offers the best Aquarium Diving in Dubai. There are many aquatic species in the aquarium like fish, manta rays, and sharks. It is the biggest aquarium that promises to give an awesome experience. You also do not have to worry if you are a beginner or an expert, there are packages for everybody.

8. Fly Fishing

Currently, the water sport in Dubai that are high in demand is Flyfish. These are huge inflatables in the sky that are tugged by speedboats. The shape of the inflatable is an alphabet E with straps. A maximum of two people can enjoy this activity at a time. The winds touching your face and witnessing the Dubai skyline are a thrill and treat to the eyes. It is an adventurous and affordable water activity in Dubai.

9. Windsurfing

Windsurfing comes among the famous water sports on Dubai beaches because it is a combination of sailing and surfing. It makes it an ideal sport for everybody wanting to experience something different with a pinch of thrill added to it. You can experience this thrilling activity in Jumeirah Beach, Dubai because of the charted water resources.

10. Swimming with Dolphins

It is an experience of a lifetime. Dubai being a centre for exciting entertainment spots never fails to amaze its tourists. One of the most exciting is swimming with Dolphins and seals. You can not only swim but also interact with the dolphins.

We know this has left you awestruck! So, don’t wait any longer, book your tickets, pack your bags, and take a flight to Dubai now for witnessing and experiencing the best water adventures of a lifetime.


To summarise, the attractiveness of Dubai as an adventure destination extends beyond its desert surroundings to its robust and diverse water sports sector. The city has cleverly converted itself into a hotspot for exhilarating aquatic activities that cater to all types of visitors. From the dizzying heights of paragliding and the superhero-like flyboarding to the adrenaline rush of speed boating and jet skiing, Dubai’s beaches provide a diverse range of adrenaline-pumping experiences. Also, You can enjoy these water sports by booking Dubai Tour Packages from Ahmedabad by Roaming Routes.

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