6 December 2023

Water-soluble bags are innovative packaging solutions designed to dissolve completely in water, making them environmentally friendly and ideal for various applications, including laundry detergents, industrial chemicals, and healthcare products. If you are looking for water-soluble bag manufacturers, here are some key manufacturers and suppliers that you may consider (as of my last knowledge update in September 2021):

  1. Aicello Corporation: Aicello, headquartered in Japan, is a leading global manufacturer of water-soluble PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) films and bags. They water soluble bag manufacturers offer a wide range of water-soluble packaging solutions for various industries.
  2. Sekisui Chemical: Sekisui Chemical, also based in Japan, is a well-known producer of water-soluble PVA films and bags. They provide customized solutions for different applications, including detergents, agrochemicals, and more.
  3. Cortec Corporation: Cortec, based in the United States, offers eco-friendly water-soluble packaging options, including VpCI (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor) film and bags. These products are often used for corrosion protection in industrial applications.
  4. MonoSol, LLC: MonoSol, headquartered in the United States, specializes in water-soluble film and packaging. They provide a variety of water-soluble bags for the food industry, laundry detergents, and more.
  5. Kuraray: Kuraray, a global chemical company based in Japan, manufactures EVAL EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) films and packaging solutions. Some of their products are water-soluble and used in various industries, including healthcare and agriculture.
  6. Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.: This Japanese company produces water-soluble films primarily for the packaging of detergents and cleaning agents.

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