7 December 2023
Circuit breaker range by AGM Electrical Supplies

Electrical systems are at the core of every house, quietly powering our lives. As technology progresses and demands on our electrical systems increase, so too do their requirements. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize their outdated circuit breaker could pose a safety risk; we highlight why updating them to current safety standards is imperative as well as stressing how important having an energy-efficient electrical system for residential properties is!

Understanding Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker provides initial protection from electrical overloads and short circuits, stopping electrical current that exceeds safe limits from flowing further, thus protecting against shocks or fires that might ensue from overloaded circuits. Older homes may contain older circuit breakers which don’t conform to modern appliances, electrical equipment and technological advancements that ensure greater protection.

Electrical Demands on the Rise

Households used to have far fewer electrical devices and appliances, but today there is much greater dependence on gadgets, appliances and advanced technology that places an increased strain on our electricity systems. As more devices and gadgets require power from these sources, more often than ever old circuit breakers may not be capable of keeping up with our increased requirements leading to frequent tripping, overheating or electrical fires occurring within their respective networks.

TYPE A - 4.5kA 20 Amp Single Pole Safety Switch
TYPE A – 4.5kA 20 Amp Single Pole Safety Switch

Recognition of Faulty Circuit Breakers

Recognizing signs of a  faulty circuit breaker is crucial to protecting your home from dangers. Common indicators include frequent trips, flickering or dimming lights and warm electrical outlets as well as any smell of burning nearby an outlet. If your home still utilizes an electrical fuse box then replacement is long overdue.

Upgraded Circuit Breakers Offer Advantages

  • Enhance Safety

Modern circuit breaker collection is specifically designed to safely manage greater electrical loads. Switching out older breakers for ones equipped with advanced trips and mechanisms for arc fault prevention reduces electrical shocks and fire risks significantly.

  • Compatible

With the rise of smart homes and energy efficient appliances, modern circuit breakers now boast compatibility with these technologies to ensure that the home you live in can keep pace with their development. This ensures it is best prepared to deal with changes to electrical appliances that arise over time.

  • Reliable Solutions

Over time, older circuit breakers may become less reliable due to wear and tear, giving you peace of mind that the system you have put in place meets the needs of your household without unexpected interruptions. Upgrading can give your family confidence that everything will run smoothly without disruptions unexpectedly.


Steps for Upgrading Circuit Breakers:

  • Access: To start off, hire a certified electrician to assess the current condition of your electrical panel and advise you if upgrading is necessary and provide insight into any appropriate procedures that may need to be followed.
  • Selecting the Appropriate Breakers: Your electrician will recommend suitable circuit breakers to meet the electrical requirements of your home, which could include adding more circuits for modern appliances.
  • Installation: Relying on licensed electricians to complete installations ensures they adhere to safety standards and complete installations correctly and adhere to industry best practices.
  • Arc Fault and Ground Fault Safety: As part of your upgrade, install both arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) as added protection from electrical hazards. These devices should provide essential protection.

Modernizing Your Home’s Electrical Infrastructure

At a time when technology is such an integral component of life, neglecting to replace old circuit breakers could pose serious safety risks for you and your family. A circuit breaker upgrade not only ensures your electrical system can meet today’s technological requirements but will give you peace of mind knowing you took the appropriate measures to safeguard your home.

By purchasing modern circuit breakers that comply with safety guidelines and standards, not only are you increasing home security but also increasing quality and efficiency of life within it. Don’t wait for electrical problems to worsen – consult a certified electrician now to start down the path towards safer installations for your home – modern homes need an electric system which keeps up with evolving times!


Why to Choose AGM Electrical Supplies?

AGM Electrical Supplies takes great pride in offering an extensive and innovative selection of circuit breaker products to meet a variety of electrical requirements. Circuit protection systems from this range provide comprehensive security and reliability of commercial, residential industrial and industrial electric systems. Our selection includes traditional thermal magnetic circuit breaker range as well as ground fault and arc fault interrupters that meet all the latest safety standards and technological advances. With our focus on customer satisfaction and quality products, AGM Electrical Supplies delivers versatile circuit breaker range which not only keep electrical installations safe but help ensure a more seamless global society.

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