8 December 2023
app developer in India

The growing need for digital transformation has pushed the demand for experienced app developers. And to your surprise, let us tell you there will be over 28 million developers in the world by the end of 2024. While it may seem to be beneficial for the global IT industry, finding the right talent may become challenging for businesses. But there’s a solution for everything. If your in-house development team lacks the necessary expertise and experience, you should consider hiring an offshore developer in India. 

Offshoring is kind of similar to outsourcing. In layman’s terms, it is about finding the right talent from different locations if you can’t find it in your area. As setting up an in-house development team comes with a huge investment, businesses these days rely on offshoring their project to an app developer in India

The benefit of lower labor costs in India is probably the most significant driver behind offshoring IT projects to the country. Additionally, it can also save time and money without compromising the quality. If you’re interested in lean more about the benefits that come along when you hire an app developer in India, then you must read this write-up till the end. 

Benefits of Hiring an Offshore App Developer in India

They Offer Affordable Services

A significant benefit of hiring an app developer in India is the affordability that comes along. It can be quite costly to have an in-house staff or hire a team from a developed country to provide technical assistance. However, you can save on overall costs without compromising on quality by outsourcing software development to India.

If you are looking for developers with excellent skills, you might have to pay a high price for them in advanced countries like the US and the UK. Besides, an internal team is very expensive because the development cost includes office rent, facilities, equipment, employee benefits, etc.

Meanwhile, Indian developers offer cost efficiency by reducing employee expenses, such as recruitment, management, and other perks. According to sources, an Indian IT outsourcing company can help a business cut costs by up to 50%.

Their Expertise Speaks a Lot

There is no doubt that Indian app developers are experienced and hold expertise in developing high-end mobile apps. Their expertise can help businesses to capitalize on the latest trends and reach a broader audience. Their positive client reviews and ratings show the level of their experience in the industry.

They Extend Post-maintenance Support

When you decide to hire an app developer in India, you are technically investing in the overall aspect of your mobile app development, including post-maintenance support. These developers offer support for regular updates, modifications based on user feedback, and working on bugs and issues. 

Their Commitment to Quality Is Everything

Businesses might miss out on this opportunity. When they hear that offshore app developers are cost-efficient, they doubt their service quality. You would get access to the best developers in the world by outsourcing app development services. 

They will use their skill and experience to enhance your app’s performance. They will also provide valuable feedback to improve the entire product development.

Moreover, if you are hiring a dedicated app developer in India, you don’t have to worry about quality at all. The dedicated developers will focus only on your project.

They are Proficient in both Technical and Non-technical Skills

Most offshore software companies have expertise in top technologies and skills that are hard to find among in-house developers. So, while you can hire a developer who is proficient in a certain technology, it will be challenging to hire a whole team with multi-tech specializations.

Also, offshore developers in India are adept with both technical and non-technical skills. They can communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and deliver quality results. They can also adapt to different project requirements and handle challenges efficiently.

They are Culturally Fit with Western Countries

Every company has its own culture and way of working. When you hire an offshore app developer in India, you will learn a new method of doing things, or you can explore different work cultures. More often than not, it turns out to be an advantage for your organization.

Also, offshore developers are skilled in both technical and non-technical aspects. They can communicate clearly, work cooperatively, and deliver quality outcomes. They can also adjust to different project needs and handle challenges effectively.

You can Rest Assured about Security

Reputed offshore developers utilize the latest encryption and data protection technologies to securely handle your confidential information. To further ensure your security, it is advisable to only work with developers who provide contracts that include nondisclosure and noncompete clauses. Rest assured that your intellectual property is kept safe, as the primary goal of offshore developers is to protect their clients’ information.

They Prioritize Communication

In custom offshore software development services, communication plays a crucial role in two aspects: Fluency and Time. The development company must be proficient in communicating project updates. Additionally, they should be available during your team’s active hours or within your preferred time range.

The development company should be transparent in terms of updating the project status. At the same time, they should be available in your time zone or when the rest of your team is working.


Working with an offshore app developer in India can bring many benefits to your business. However, you need to be careful in choosing the right offshore app developer who can meet your expectations and requirements. You should look for a developer who has experience in your domain, has good communication skills, offers flexible and transparent pricing models, and follows the best practices and standards of app development.

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