28 November 2023
Onscreen Evaluation System

An evaluation system is a technology-driven way of providing feedback to students. This system is highly precise, reducing errors by design.

Examiners can quickly access and mark answers without being limited by location restrictions, while answer sheets scanned are encrypted and stored securely in software systems.


Digital evaluation systems for assessing descriptive answer scripts can significantly increase efficiency and lower expenses, while freeing institutes from time-consuming paper checking processes that necessitate significant logistical work and costs.

Onscreen evaluation system allow examiners to use an online software program for the examination process, either remotely or with examiners in person, in a consistent fashion and without making errors during evaluation. It saves both time and money as it negates the need for additional staff; plus it ensures all exam papers are evaluated equally without making mistakes during their review.

Utilizing onscreen evaluation systems has the added advantage of making the examinations process more secure and transparent, helping build trust between students and teachers alike. Furthermore, it speeds up result publication speed as well as providing students with an enhanced exam experience.

Traditional evaluation processes typically take months and result in delays due to various reasons. With digital evaluation systems, however, evaluation time can be reduced significantly and results released more promptly. Furthermore, adaptable technology makes customization for exams or classes much simpler.

Educators can utilize onscreen evaluation systems to deliver exam results directly via email to their students, which is an improvement over current methods, which usually involve printed documents that can be hard for students to interpret and require printing and shipping expenses. It will also save both costs.

Digital evaluation systems are revolutionizing higher education with their ability to automatically evaluate students’ answers and provide immediate feedback, promising to revolutionize examination processes in higher education.

IntelliEXAMS onscreen evaluation system is an efficient solution that assists evaluation bodies in meeting the challenges presented by examination procedures by quickly and proactively identifying issues and discrepancies early, saving resources, efforts, and building stakeholder confidence during examination processes – thanks to powerful automation and digitization capabilities.


Digital evaluation in higher education allows examiners to quickly and more efficiently grade scanned copies of manual examination responses or online exams on computers, making the grading process faster and more efficient for all involved, especially students. Furthermore, this technology helps reduce cheating or fraud during exams – an essential aspect of higher education’s future success – but it’s crucial that educators fully comprehend how digital evaluation works as well as its advantages.

One of the primary concerns regarding this type of technology is its security, but most systems are built with this in mind and employ high-level encryption technology to restrict access only to authorized users and enable backtracking results should anything go amiss – making them much safer than traditional paper evaluations.

Digital on-screen marking systems enable you to scan and evaluate answer scripts in a secure environment from anywhere, saving both time and money by eliminating transporting papers. They also make publishing results instantly available so students know their scores immediately.

Software solutions offer you a way to digitize pen-and-paper-based answer sheets; conduct on-screen evaluations to enhance the quality of marking; generate mark lists more quickly than traditional methods; as well as permitting multiple evaluators to conduct evaluation remotely on-screen; these solutions significantly streamline evaluation processes.

IntelliEXAMS On Screen Marking System is an innovative system designed to ensure a cost-effective examination process for all stakeholders involved with assessing candidates. This system also enables an institution to establish stakeholder trust during assessment by eliminating errors, discrepancies and delays. Digital solutions allow institutions to proactively detect any issues or shortcomings in the evaluation process and correct them promptly, saving resources while making sure it remains transparent for candidates. They also eliminate extra security measures taken by assessment bodies – an expense and time-consuming activity.


An onscreen evaluation system has become the talk of the education world recently. This modern evaluation method boasts many advantages over its traditional counterparts: It reduces time spent manually evaluating answer sheets and makes the process faster, safer, and fairer; additionally it helps ensure marks awarded to each student are fair while keeping evaluators from being biased against certain individuals while permitting objective assessment of answers submitted by students.

The Onscreen Evaluation System works by digitizing physical answer scripts, uploading them to a server and permitting evaluators to evaluate them online. Furthermore, this system automates all aspects of examination lifecycle such as Question Paper Generation and Delivery via E-Delivery Platform, Onscreen Evaluation of Answer Scripts and Mark-Sheet/Certificate Generation thus helping eliminate complex evaluation processes involved with manual processes.

Traditional evaluation processes involve physical handling of answer sheets that increase costs and workload for evaluators. With onscreen assessments, however, one-time scanning takes away this burden; answer scripts scanned are securely stored in data centres which evaluators can access through login to mark them anywhere they wish. Thus saving both time and effort.

Digital evaluation processes are much faster than their analog counterparts, as evaluators can mark answers live and the results instantly uploaded to student portals, helping universities avoid any delays when publishing results and eliminating any potential for mistakes due to automation of evaluation systems.

Onscreen evaluation systems are more reliable than their conventional counterparts, providing reliable assessment for multiple exams or assessments and can easily integrate with learning management systems or student information systems for seamless and efficient processes. They also help reduce printing and storage costs as well as time needed for revaluation/moderation processes.

Effortless Evaluation

Manual evaluation can be an expensive and time-consuming task, with numerous logistical steps required for completion. By contrast, using an onscreen evaluation system speeds up this process significantly – saving both time and costs for examination bodies while providing more accuracy and security than manual methods of evaluation.

People often have misgivings when it comes to using digital technology, but onscreen evaluation systems are actually quite safe and can provide your results encrypted for storage and backtrack if there are any mistakes. Therefore, onscreen evaluation systems offer an effortless method of conducting an assessment.

Onscreen evaluation offers another advantage in its seamless integration with existing education or training systems. This integration facilitates more effective and efficient learning experiences while creating assessments tailored specifically to your needs and objectives, measuring what students have learned while helping improve the quality of your educational offerings.

A WS-OnScreen Evaluation solution enables you to digitize pen and paper answer scripts, marking them on-screen for increased marking quality, speed and accuracy. Scannered booklets are then distributed electronically so examiners can track, monitor, mark on-screen and include comments/annotations without geographical restraints hindering their ability to assess answer scripts effectively.

Onscreen evaluation processes are fast, and results can be published instantly. Furthermore, multiple examiners can be assigned to an assessment session at their own pace to evaluate answers – this feature can greatly reduce publishing times in higher education institutions.

As an educational institute, you must provide your students with the best evaluation experience. Onscreen evaluation is emerging as one of the top educational technologies and can prove extremely advantageous for your organization. To start using it effectively in your organization, select an exam software platform capable of supporting onscreen evaluation and an evaluator capable of quickly and accurately conducting evaluations.

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