7 December 2023

If you live in any Schengen zone and want to apply for a spouse visa, you must meet the spousal visa policy requirements. Schengen visa requirements for spouse visas are strict. Therefore, consider what you submit and write in the visa application form when applying for a spouse visa. 

If you are applying for a spouse visa from India, you need to submit verified documents of your spouse, and wherever required, you will also have to submit your documents. We advise applicants to thoroughly check the documents before applying for their validity. Once you have decided to apply for the visa, book your necessary documents like flight reservations, proof of financial means, medical insurance etc..  

Guide About Spouse Visa

For a spouse visa, you need to submit the following documents:

Spouse Documents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Recent Photos
  • Visa Application Form and its payment
  • Dummy Flight Tickets for Schengen Visa
  • Dummy Travel Insurance
  • Spouse Visa Cover Letter and
  • Any document the visa office demands must be submitted along with the visa application.

Sponsoring Documents

When you sponsor your spouse from India, you have to submit the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Sponsorship Letter
  • Cover Letter
  • Dummy travel insurance
  • Proof of financial means and
  • Proof of accommodation.

Apart from submitting the following documents, you must also submit the following document. Filing for a spouse visa application without submitting this document could lead your application to rejection or delay. 

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of how your spouse is going to live with you? 

Easy Steps To Follow During Visa Processing 

Applying for a visa is a stressful task. Especially when you apply for a spouse visa, you must submit dozens of documents. Unlike other visa categories, the mandatory documents are the same for spouse visas.

However, a slight change in document submission proves to the visa officer that you are actually applying for the spouse, how your spouse will spend time in the country, and what you will do for the living of two, etc.

We advise applicants to keep supporting documents like dummy tickets for Schengen visa and dummy travel insurance ready beforehand. Doing so, you release half of your stress, and you can enjoy the process of applying for a spouse visa. 

Dummy flight tickets can be booked from Schengen Flight Reservation Visa at discounted prices. Applicants booking dummy flight tickets can easily book without the fear of fraud. They offer premium services by keeping customer satisfaction as their utmost goal. 

To sum up the entire spouse visa process for you, we have listed everything below precisely

  • Obtain your marriage certificate
  • Decide whether you are planning to apply for an inland or an outland visa sponsorship
  • Register your account for spousal sponsorship applications
  • Access the Schengen-specific zone documents checklist for India
  • Complete all the forms, compile your documents, and upload them to the portal
  • Submit the application and sign up for the tracker

By following these six steps, you will receive your spouse visa within less time! 

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