29 November 2023

While welcoming your little one to this world, as a parent you must be prepared beforehand to nourish every aspect of their growth, and that includes their precious hair. Just as you decorate your baby’s cradle to give soothing sleep, gentle care to protect their hair is also essential. Here comes the moment when you could embrace the magic touch of sesame oil. Embrace this age-old wisdom and avail the maximum benefits while you use sesame oil for massage on the tender skin of your little one. Let’s see how you can immerse your precious one in the warmth of your love and the goodness of sesame oil. 

  • Gentle Nourishment: Sesame oil is known for its rich source of nutrients including vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. This nourishing property will strengthen hair follicles by fostering stronger hair growth. The wonders of sesame oil show up the moment you apply it to the baby’s scalp. As it provides nourishment to the hair follicles, it stays the best choice among parents. With replenishing moisture, healthier and stronger hair growth, you can see your baby’s joyous smile. 
  • Calming Massage: As parents, you know how important it is to massage your newborn as it helps strengthen their bones and muscles. Similarly, massaging a baby’s scalp is also crucial in stimulating blood circulation to the scalp. As a baby’s sleep pattern is non-linear and this may affect stress levels, it is essential that you give a gentle massage. It also promotes relaxation and initiates better sleep patterns. This may also indirectly contribute to healthy hair. 
  • Healthier Hair: One of the reasons you must consider sesame oil is because of its capability to strengthen your baby’s hair. How does the curl turn up when the baby grows? This is a matter of concern because when your baby isn’t happy with their hair’s texture, it comes as a negative remark. So, this is the right time to use sesame oil for baby hair growth to minimize hair fall and breakage. 
  • Natural Moisturizer and Conditioner: Though oils around the world have treasured benefits, parents are always concerned due to the presence of harsh chemicals. But sesame oil acts as a natural moisturizer as well as conditioner, making the baby’s hair soft and smooth. It also prevents dryness by retaining moisture because of the oil’s emollient properties. So, there are zero harmful chemicals and side effects in sesame oils. 
  • Antimicrobial Properties: Apart from the numerous benefits of using sesame oil, this stands atop. Since babies are known for their delicate and sensitive skin, they become prone to infections easily. As sesame oil encompasses anti-bacterial properties naturally, this helps to fight against these infections and protect your baby’s scalp. This not only keeps the scalp healthy but also acts as a barrier against harmful microbes. 

For centuries from now, sesame oil has been playing a nurturing role in a baby’s hair growth journey. So, cherish these beautiful baby care days by navigating your baby’s hair from flaky to healthy. 

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