5 December 2023
Spousal Support or Alimony

When you get a divorce from your spouse, the court may order spousal support or alimony. Both terms are used interchangeably, but alimony is a more commonly heard term. Unfortunately, divorce nowadays does not mean a clean split as you may still need to stay in contact with your spouse for matters like alimony and co-parenting. 

Life is subject to change, and the aspects of divorce change as well. Spousal support is meant to lower the financial burden of one spouse. Therefore, if one spouse goes through certain life changes, they may need to modify the court order to meet their new financial needs. If you need a spousal support modification, speak to a Huntsville divorce attorney

Reasons to modify spousal support for alimony. 

  1. Income changes. 

According to CTN News Income changes can occur for a number of reasons, such as an increase in salary, loss of a job, getting a new job, getting married again, etc. Spousal support or alimony amount in Huntsville is decided to help the lesser-earning spouse maintain the same lifestyle they did during the marriage. 

Therefore, if there have been changes in the income of one of the spouses, then maintaining the same alimony is unrealistic. 

  1. Financial emergency. 

While everyone should keep money saved up for financial emergencies, it is impossible to predict an emergency before time. You have been keeping up with your spousal support payments and keeping up with all the other payments as well, but then suffer a financial emergency. This may happen due to a loss of a job or an accident. 

Financial emergencies can make it difficult for the paying spouse to complete their monthly obligations. If for any reason, you are unable to pay alimony, you may request a modification in jobshost

  1. One of the spouses has remarried. 

There are different types of alimony payments. Some alimony arrangements are supposed to end the moment one of the spouses gets married again. As is obvious, marriage can affect your financial obligations. If the paying spouse gets remarried, they need to look after their own family, and if the alimony-receiving spouse gets remarried, their financial condition may improve. This may call for a spousal support modification. 

  1. One part has a new child. 

Your financial obligations change if you are currently paying alimony. But are expecting a new child or have already welcomed your child into this world? You now have to look after your new family member’s expenses as well. The court may allow you to lower your alimony payments. However, the addition of stepchildren does not make a difference in the wordle

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