3 December 2023

R3set is a conglomerate of Venus Remedies Ltd, which is a research-driven Indian pharmaceutical company with a worldwide presence. By combining the scientific powers of nanotechnology with natural herbal goodness in the form of essential oils, R3set provides natural pain relief solutions that empower free movement, eradicate discomfort and enable confidence and ease. While the brand has a distinct value proposition, it was missing a digital presence and experiences as a key component of its B2C buyers’ journey


Eridium started by conducting a detailed brand study, competitor analysis, and an in-depth workshop to outline the strategy, funnel, marketing tactics, and processes with the R3SET team.


  • Eridium focused on crafting the brand story, creating go-to-market solutions, and stitching together a digital experience that would enable discovery and sales.
  • The team conducted extensive research and audits to drive digital experience optimization that would lead to marketing and business outcomes. Eridium worked closely with theR3SET team to understand their values, target audience, and goals, which enabled them to craft a personalized strategy. They also analyzed the brand’s digital footprint and identify areas of opportunity for improvement.
  • Subsequently conducted a competitor analysis to gain insight into what worked and what did not for similar brands. These insights informed the creation of an effective strategy that would differentiate R3SET from its competitors.
  • With a comprehensive strategy in place, Eridium focused on optimizing the digital experience for R3SET’s target audience. The team created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that would enable easy discovery of products and services.
  • They also implemented a content marketing strategy that was focused on Precise benchmarking, audience creation, and persona-based targeting for social content. This strategy helped R3SET build credibility and establish trust with potential customers.
  • To drive traffic to the website, Eridium implemented a comprehensive strategic marketing strategy that included social media advertising(WhatsApp, Emails, etc) search engine optimization, and lead generation.


  • Through its collaboration with R3SET, Eridium achieved impressive results. The team served 185M impressions, engaged 3.7M people, and acquired thousands of customers in just a few months.
  • The digital experience optimization strategy that was implemented by Eridium also led to increased sales and revenue for R3SET.
  • More than 64k total page views with 43K/month moving average
  • More than 25M impressions across brand awareness campaigns + highly targeted engagement videos – 2M views


By optimizing the digital experience and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Eridium helped R3SET achieve impressive results in a short period. The collaboration with R3SET demonstrates the power of a personalized approach to digital marketing and the value of a comprehensive integrated digital marketing strategy. The use of an integrated marketing lifecycle leads to better brand value, improved customer experience, better targeting, and increased ROI.

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