29 November 2023

ASSC (Anti Social Social Club) hoodies are not only trendy but are also made with quality material that ensures their durability. In this article, we will explore the material used to make ASSC hoodies and why they are a great investment for individuals who want a hoodie that will last. asschoodie.com

Introduction to Material Used in ASSC Hoodies

The material used to make ASSC hoodies is an essential factor in determining their durability. ASSC uses a variety of materials, including cotton and polyester, to ensure that its hoodies are comfortable and long-lasting.

Cotton Material

Cotton is a popular material used in the production of ASSC hoodies. It is a natural fiber that is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Cotton is also durable, which makes it an excellent choice for streetwear.

ASSC uses high-quality cotton to ensure that its hoodies are soft and comfortable. The cotton material also ensures that the hoodies are breathable, which makes them suitable for all seasons.

Polyester Material

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is often used in the production of sportswear and streetwear. It is a durable material that is resistant to wrinkles, shrinking, and fading. Polyester is also moisture-wicking, which means that it draws moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

ASSC uses polyester in some of its hoodies, particularly those designed for athletic wear. The material ensures that the hoodies are moisture-wicking, which makes them suitable for individuals who engage in physical activities.

A blend of Cotton and Polyester

Some ASSC hoodies are made with a blend of cotton and polyester. This combination ensures that the hoodie is both comfortable and durable. The cotton material provides comfort and breathability, while the polyester material ensures that the hoodie is moisture-wicking and resistant to shrinking and fading.

The blend of cotton and polyester also ensures that the hoodie is easy to care for. It can be machine washed and tumble-dried without worrying about shrinkage or fading.

Construction and Stitching

The material used in ASSC hoodies is not the only factor that determines their durability. The construction and stitching also play a crucial role in ensuring that the hoodies last.

ASSC uses double-needle stitching to ensure that the hoodies are durable. Double-needle stitching involves using two needles to create two parallel rows of stitching. This technique ensures that the seams are strong and resistant to tearing.

The hoodies also feature reinforced seams, which add to their durability. The reinforced seams ensure that the hoodie can withstand wear and tear, making it suitable for daily wear.

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Print Quality

The graphics on ASSC hoodies are another factor that contributes to their durability. The prints on ASSC hoodies are of high quality, which ensures that they do not fade or peel off easily.

ASSC uses a variety of printing techniques, including screen printing and heat transfer printing, to ensure that the graphics on their hoodies are of high quality. Screen printing involves using a mesh stencil to transfer ink onto the fabric, while heat transfer printing involves using heat to transfer the ink onto the fabric.

Both techniques ensure that the prints on the hoodies are durable and long-lasting. They do not fade or peel off easily, ensuring that the hoodies remain stylish and trendy for a long time.

Care Instructions

To ensure the durability of ASSC hoodies, it is essential to follow the care instructions provided. The care instructions usually include washing the hoodie in cold water, avoiding bleach, and tumble dry it on low heat.

Avoiding high heat during the washing and drying process ensures that the hoodie does not shrink or fade. It is also essential to avoid using fabric softeners as they can damage the material and affect the durability of the hoodie.

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