6 December 2023

Custom Prints

At Dallas shirt printing we offer printing services for anyone who needs custom printing in Dallas. Currently, there are several types of prints for application on fabrics, so one of the great difficulties that people face when they need to customize t-shirts is knowing which type of print  offers the best quality and which will suit their purpose.

We currently work with several different types of prints , but I will highlight here, only those that we work with quick application, which are: Silk Screen, Silk Digital (DTG), Digital Transfer and Clipping Films .

Access the Posts and better understand how prints on t-shirts are made and what is the best method for each case.

Silk Screen

Silk Screen is a printing method where the ink is applied directly to the fabric through a serigraphic matrix. It is an ancient technique originating in China, known worldwide as the Serigraphy technique , therefore it is considered the oldest method of image reproduction, used until today in the graphic, textile and visual communication sectors in general.

The Silk Screen print is the best option for anyone looking for solutions that bring comfort, beauty, durability, especially linked to a low cost.

With Silk Screen it is possible to apply prints on different types of materials such as: wood, glass, iron, vinyl, leather, rubber and on the most diverse types of fabrics, since other printing methods do not offer the same flexibility.

This type of print in Silk is preferred among the major clothing brands and magazines, especially for those who supply personalized t-shirts. We love t-shirt printing, in other words, we are experts when it comes to screen printing on t-shirts.

Silk Screen how to do?

There are a series of steps to be taken before starting to apply the prints in Silk Screen , it is a process in which it is necessary to be very careful, no step should be skipped and to guarantee a satisfactory result, all these steps must be laid down with the maximum effectiveness.

I. The beginning of the whole process is in the creation/preparation of the artwork . First, the files must be vectorized or if you are going to print a photo, the file must be reticulated ; if the print has more than one color, it is necessary to separate these colors and insert a registration mark.

II. Then, after the files are ready, reviewed and separated (if applicable), it’s time to print the photoliths , which is a transparency used to reveal the serigraphic screen.

III. With the serigraphic screen engraved, we can now apply the prints, where the ink will pass through the permeable parts of the screen.

T-shirt printing

Among so many materials and possibilities that work with Silk Screen offers, we chose to focus our efforts on the application of prints on t-shirts, creating an appropriate environment with the best in the field of textile printing , that is, excellent infrastructure with racing tables, cradles and automatic carousel.

In our printing shop we apply silk prints with different textures, from “zero-touch” to “high-relief”; prints with image effects, gradients or solids, totally flat. Prints with high definition images and exact colors based on the universal Pantone® scale.

Own stamping, one of the best structured in the country, everything to serve with agility, efficiency and in addition we have the best cost benefit , granting incredible discounts of up to 70%.

transfer print

What are the Advantages?

The main advantage of digital transfer for t-shirts is that it doesn’t matter if you want to print a photo or print colored designs, as it is the printer that does the printing work, the image has a perfect resolution and, in addition, the process is extremely fast, prints on time .

  • Fingerprint
  • T-shirt is printed on time
  • Light and transparent resin
  • Durability of up to 60 washes

When should I not opt ​​for digital transfer printing?

We do not recommend the digital transfer print for those who need to make company uniforms and for those who want to set up a brand, because as the digital transfer is a resin applied to the fabric, you need to take some care to ensure the durability of the print.

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