9 December 2023
Best Places to visit in Kedarnath

The Kedarnath Dham, situated in Uttarakhand, draws visitors from all over the world since it is the most revered temple in India. The temple is at 3584 meters and close to the sacred Mandakini river. The Kedarnath Dham is also part of the Chota Chardham yatra, besides Yamunotri, Gangotri, and Badrinath. To reach Kedarnath Dham, pilgrims need to undertake a 16 kilometer trek since there are no direct motorable roads accessible. The Kedarnath dham sits amidst the snow-covered mountains, and this is a sight to behold. Apart from taking divine blessings from Lord Shiva, there are other places to visit in Kedarnath as well. 

Pilgrims also visit Badrinath during their Kedarnath Yatra. The two temples are about 230 kilometers apart via road. Hence, pilgrims also visit the Badrinath temple to take blessings from Lord Vishnu. This is known as the Do Dham Yatra. Since travelling via road can be tiring, and the long trek can be physically challenging, pilgrims are increasingly opting for the Do Dham Yatra by Helicopter. Book Your Yatra from LIh Travel

Now, let’s check some of the best Kedarnath tourist places that you should visit during your yatra. 

Ten Places to Visit In Kedarnath

1. Bhairavnath Temple 

Close to the Kedarnath Temple, you’ll find a temple dedicated to the deity Bhairav, who’s Lord Shiva’s main Gana. Perched on a hillock, this temple is a must-visit in Kedarnath. The god here is thought to be the guardian of the Kedarnath shrine.

During the winter months, when the Kedarnath temple remains closed, it is said that Lord Bhairav, also known as Kshetrapal, watches over both the temple and the entire area of Kedarnath. Apart from seeking darshan, visiting this temple will leave you breathless with its mesmerizing views of the valley.

2. Vasuki Tal

On the list of places to visit in Kedarnath is the Vasuki Tal, a lake situated at an altitude of 4135 meters amidst the hills. From here, you can witness up-close views of peaks. The lake’s crystal clear water allows you to spot rocks beneath its surface with ease.

Around Vasuki Tal, you’ll also find enchanting flowers blooming, including the Brahma Kamal. However, reaching this lake can be challenging as it requires ascending a narrow track from Kedarnath while navigating glacier-filled ravines along the way.

3. Sonprayag

Sonprayag marks the point where two sacred rivers, Basuki and Mandakini, merge together in a confluence. Take a dip in the merging rivers, as they are considered to possess cleansing properties. Sonprayag, located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 1829 m, offers a sight with its snow-capped mountains and gently flowing rivers, creating a mesmerizing and calming vibe. Hence, don’t miss this place when planning Kedarnath sightseeing. 

4. Chandrashila Peak

At an altitude of 4000 m above sea level, Chandrashila Peak is one of the sought-after places to visit in Kedarnath. It is believed that Lord Rama came here to offer prayers to Lord Shiva after vanquishing Ravana. Seeking redemption for his sins after putting an end to the Rakshasa clan by slaying Ravana, Lord Rama meditated in this land. There is also a legend associated with Chandradev (the Moon God) performing penance here for years to absolve himself of his wrongdoings.

5. Gaurikund

According to legends, Goddess Parvati dedicated years here to do intense meditation in order to marry Lord Shiva. Gaurikund, located in the Garhwal Himalayas, is the place where she performed her meditation. It is also known for another event.

This is where Lord Shiva replaced Ganesha’s head with an elephant’s. Visit this destination. Experience the divine energy of the gods. Take a bath in the hot spring. Consider yourself blessed and spiritually pure.

6. Triyuginarayan Temple

On the list of places to Visit in Kedarnath is the Triyuginarayan Temple. It is believed that Lord Shiva and Parvati tied the knot at this temple. You can reach this place by undertaking a 5-kilometer trek from Son Prayag. The sacred flame that witnessed their wedding still burns in front of the temple today.

7. Agastyamuni

Dedicated to Saint Agastya, this temple commemorates his one-year period of meditation here. This ancient temple showcases architecture and interior decorations with captivating wall art. So this is one of the places to visit in Kedarnath. 

8. Guptkashi

When you are in Kedarnath, make sure to include a visit to this quaint town situated on the banks of the Mandakini river in Rudraprayag district as part of your plans. Gupta Kashi, also known as hidden Kashi, is the place where Lord Shiva sought refuge from the Pandavas who came to seek his blessings after the Mahabharata war. 

When you are in Guptakashi, you have the opportunity to visit places of worship such as Vishwanath and Ardhnarishwar Temple, which are located nearby.

9. Tungnath Temple

The Tungnath temple is renowned as one of the Panch Kedar temples and is one of the famous places to visit near Kedarnath. It is well-known for its Shiva temple and is around 3 kilometers from Chopta. This sacred site in Kedarnath attracts pilgrims annually. It has a history of around 1000 years where devotees worship Lord Shiva.

10. Chorabari Lake

Situated 3 kilometers from the Kedarnath Temple in Uttarakhand, Chorabari Lake, one of the best places to visit in Kedarnath, also known as Gandhi Tal, is a lake that captivates tourists from various places along with regular devotees. The lake’s pristine and transparent waters allure visitors as it sits at an altitude of 3900 meters above sea level. Chorabari Tal is formed by the Chorabari Bamak Glacier and may be reached via a journey from the Kedarnath Temple.


So here are the ten places to visit in Kedarnath during your yatra. Hence, when planning your yatra, make some time to explore these gems and enjoy your time after seeking blessings from the divine Lord Shiva.

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