5 December 2023
How Worrisome Are Browser Extensions

How Worrisome Are Browser Extensions

A lot of people have installed and also have been using browser extensions of various kinds. They own or use at least a dozen of them. Among them are ad blockers, online translators, grammar checkers, SEO plugins, Chatbots, and the like. A lot of users have at least one of them, going up to half a dozen of them. They are available online in most browser stores.

But only a small amount of people know what they truly are. Browser extensions are unfortunately not always good. They seem to be harmless at first sight. In all honesty, they are more dangerous than anyone thinks.

This post will explain with the help of reports, findings, and views of industry experts as they have examined the most common links among very bad browser extensions.

Understanding Browser Extensions and their modus operandi – a brief explanation

A browser extension is a plug-in. This plug-in aids in adding more functionalities to web browsers. They can help block ads on websites and web pages too, they can help make the needed notes, translate web pages, detect AIO content, correct spelling errors, determine email addresses, and the like.

A lot of well-known browsers have official extensions in their official stores. They are licensed extensions too which help users do their needed tasks seamlessly. They even help users compare mainstream extensions with others.

It should be noted that browser extensions require permission to do their job. They usually require permission to read and change the content of web pages. They cannot do their job if they don’t get access to data on web pages.

What should be understood about the case of Google translate?

Google Chrome is a unique browser. It is among the best in the world. It also has some of the best browser extensions available. As extensions require the ability to read and change all the data present on websites visited by users, Google Chrome has been able to help with that nicely.

The official Google Chrome web store at times does not pay attention to the browser plugins and extensions it has available.

Google Chrome’s official Web Store is different. Its privacy practices clauses and the document is different. Moreover, the extension of Google Translator has a disclaimer that it collects information about user activity, user location, and the website’s content.

The matter of fact that needs to be understood is that Google Chrome has access to all data to all websites users browse on and even visit it. Users do not know until and unless they install the extension in their browsers.

Are browser extensions bad?

A lot of users probably do not know how bad browser extensions are. They will usually (and automatically) click on add an extension in most instances to use the plugin immediately. The problem is, cybercriminals are presented with open doors and chances to distribute adware and malware which are disguised as harmless extensions.

DNS DDoS Protection is a solution but only at the business, corporate, and enterprise levels. Individuals need to protect themselves through their antivirus and other security measures. If any critical information is stolen it will end up in the black market (dark web marketplace). There, the highest bidders will buy and misuse it.

How bad are adware extensions?

Adware extensions are not exceptional. They too demand a right to change the content displayed on the screens and give them the chance to show ads on websites visited by visitors and users alike. In this instance, creators of the adware extensions earn a good amount of money from users clicking on the affiliate links being tracked. They redirect them to advertisers’ sites.

Adware extensions analyze key data to make improved content for targeted ads. Search queries is one of them.

Are all browser extensions bad?

With the world more than hooked to the internet, downloads increase exponentially each month. All sorts of thighs are downloaded and it’s not just apps, games, songs, or movies. Developers are always looking to get their hands on the best tools and they want the best versions too.

Free giveaways are tempting and downloading games for free is even more tempting. What however needs to be seen is that browser extensions play a role in it. That role isn’t completely worthy and can raise a lot of questions.

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