30 November 2023
Car Waxing

Although detailing an automobile isn’t very difficult, hiring a professional can be expensive. Detailing your car correctly can help protect its surfaces from long-term harm, maintain its beauty, and increase its resale value. The experts consulted with automotive professionals to learn the inside scoop on how to detail your car yourself like a pro.

Describe Auto Detailing

It essentially involves giving your automobile an interior and exterior deep cleaning with foam shampoo to get it back to close to showroom quality. If you employ an expert, a complete inside and exterior detail might cost several hundred dollars. However, you may detail your car in the convenience of your driveway if you have a few spare hours and the best foam cannon in India.

What Do I Require For Car Detailing?

You’ll require some fundamental supplies to wash and detail your car yourself. Many things you need may already be in your home. However, you can buy all other products offline or online. Also, remember that you’ll have enough supplies left over when purchasing them to complete other detailing work later.

Wash The Outside By Rinsing It Off

Always wash and rinse your car from top to bottom when you detail your car yourself. That is where the dirty parts are most likely to be. Using a high-pressure hose, rinse the exterior starting at the top. You will eliminate any loose dirt or debris because of the pressure.

Wash your automobile in parts using a microfiber cloth after thoroughly rinsing it with the hose. Buy a microfiber cleaning mitt as an alternative to a microfiber cloth. It can assist you in reaching confined spaces and offers fit like a glove on your hand. Whichever route you take, start with the roof, then work your way down. 

Work on one part at a time, rinsing your microfiber cloth frequently to remove any dirt you may have wiped off. This prevents scratch-causing rubbing it back into your paintwork. Replace the fabric with a new one when it becomes very soiled.

When washing your car, you should ideally use two buckets: one containing water and car shampoo and the other only holding fresh water. After cleaning the automobile with the sudsy bucket, rinse your microfiber mitt or cloth in the bucket of fresh water to remove any detrimental dirt that has lodged in the fibres. Rinse it out quickly in some clean water before returning it to the sudsy bucket to continue.

Pull the cloth towards you while making circular motions to ensure no area goes under neglect and to help the dirt lift from the surface.

Wheel Cleaning

When you detail your car yourself, use a different cloth on the wheels than the car’s body. If you want to clean your wheel rims, use a bristles brush. This is crucial because brake pad residue from your wheels may harm the paint of the rest of the automobile if you use the same microfiber towel to clean the body of the car again.

Use a bristles brush and auto shampoo to thoroughly clean the recesses of your wheels after rinsing them with the hose to eliminate any surface-level debris. Use a plastic or nylon brush instead of a metal-bristle one to prevent damaging your tyre rims. If you don’t have a brush with bristles, a toothbrush will work much more slowly.

A specialised wheel-cleaning product may be worthwhile if it has been a while since you last washed your wheels. Wheel cleaning sprays, scrapes, and other products are available on the market to assist in removing the extra grime that standard car shampoo will find challenging to lift.

Dry The Outside, Then Polish It

To guarantee that no soap residue remains, give your automobile one last rinse when you detail your car yourself. Then, dry your automobile’s body with a different, clean microfiber cloth or microfiber towel in slow, circular strokes. When you notice the material getting damp, wring it out. Repeat this several times while the clothes are drying. Open the doors and boot to dry the area surrounding the seals thoroughly.

When dehydrating the car’s body, go onto the wheels and use a different microfiber cloth to dry them.

Wash The Windows

Use soapy water to dampen a microfiber cloth and clean your windows. To remove dust and dirt, move in a figure-eight pattern while using moderate pressure. Like home window cleaners, soapy water won’t harm window tinting. After applying the soapy water, polish the windows and remove any streaks with a different microfiber cloth. When you detail your car, it would be best to consider the corners and edges of windows.

Wrapping Up

Once you detail your car yourself diligently for a few hours, it’s time to take a moment to admire the accomplishments. You can take pride in knowing you accomplished everything yourself, and your automobile looks as good as new. We at Carorbis recognise the dignity you have in your vehicle. Our goal is to support you in keeping it safe because of this. Sit down with our experts to learn how to detail your car.

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