3 December 2023

If you want a single page application of React, then create react app is the ideal option for you.

It provides you with the development environment such that latest JavaScript features can be used. Moreover, the developer experience provided by it is top-notch and the app is optimized for production purpose.

So, for creating the New React App, it is important that you take consultation with top mobile app development company.

So, in this blog, we would discuss in length about how a New React App can be created using NPM. Let us begin: –

Command for setting up the React app

Once the code snippet mentioned below is used in the directly, then the React app would start to set up and you can work with it accordingly.

So, here is the command: –

npx Create-React-app my-React-app

Create React App – How does it work?

Create React App is one of the NodeJS module. So, NPM can be used to effectively create the React App. So, you can launch the new Create React App using NPM by following the commands mentioned below: –

cd new-app 

npx Create-React-app new-app 

npm start

Create React App – What are the features?

  • Hot and fast reload

Create React App is backed with a number of development features which includes hot and fast reload. Through this, only the application portion which is updated gets reloaded.

  • ES6 and ES7

Create React App supports capabilities of ES6 and ES7. Some other functionalities which are supported are: –

  • Object Spread/Rest Properties
  • Await/Async
  • Class Fields & Static Properties
  • Import dynamically ()
  • Import of Asset

Various Images, CSS files and fonts that is present in the JavaScript Modules can be imported. So, once the application is finished, then the files gets transferred into build folder by the assistance of create React App.

  • Style

When an application is built in React, all CSS files are packed in a single bundle. Further, build folder is used in order to place it. The good thing about Create React App is that CSS modules are supported.

  • Deployment

Create react app is made using the static files. Hence, you can deploy it in the remote environment in a number of ways. For instance, if running is done in Node.js environment, then Node.js server can be used for the application. Other than this, separate web server can be used which is known as NGINX.

What are the examples of the projects based on the create React App Project?

  • Instagram

There is abundance use of ReactJS in Instagram. A number of features such as Google Maps APIs, geolocations, accurate tags and search results are perhaps example of this.

Thus, everything is covered with the API of the app. Instagram totally boils down to ReactJS framework. Further, due to its exceptional capabilities, users are use the app a lot efficiently.

  • Netflix

Netflix makes use of react version on Gibbon platform. Due to this, the start-up time is fast while the runtime effectiveness gets increased.

Prerequisites- Create React App

Some of the prerequisites which is needed for create react app are: –

Node Version 16 is needed if creation of react app is required

NPM which is a basically a package manager is required. It should be of NPM version 8.

Competent code editor would be needed. Visual Studio Code is perhaps one of the best examples for it.

Create React App – What are the advantages?

  • Launching is done in seconds

Create React App can be launched in just few seconds. Thus, it doesn’t take much time for the app to open. Moreover, more prioritization is done on code rather than the developing tools.

  • One dependency

If we talk about the react app, only a single dependency is needed. After testing, it has been known that all the key components that it tends to have works in a flawless manner together. Thus, you won’t have to deal with any kind of mismatches.

Also, when Create React App is used for coming up with a new app, then you won’t have to install anything.

The reason is that pre-configured parameters are included which makes the process of development fast.

Also, various libraries such as web pack and babel are preconfigured. Hence, we just have to run it and it would function in the right way.

  • Constrained not present

Create React App supports the app with webpack, Babel, ESLint as well as few other projects. So, if you need a configuration, remove it from the Create React App and make the changes in the configuration files.

  • Latest Version Installation

If Create React App is used for coming up with a project, then its latest version such as React, React-DOM and React-scripts are updated automatically.

Moreover, development dependence is handled correctly that is perhaps used to test, run and build the app.

  • Ease of update and maintenance

If you change the build tools, then it can be a lot time consuming. But, if new versions are published by Create React App, then upgradation can be done quickly. Hence, the complete process becomes very hassle free.

Final Verdict

We hope to provide you with the right kind of information when it comes to creating a New React App using NPM. The best part is that you can set up the react app with just a single command.

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