2 December 2023

Many of us use Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program, to organize and save our data. However, since not all platforms can handle it, Excel to VCF Converter free source is required for the conversion procedure.

On the other side, practically every kind of gadget, email service, etc. supports vCard. Through a variety of platforms, you may quickly access or manage it. Let’s first discuss the underlying causes before moving on to the Excel to VCF export techniques.


Motives for Converting Excel Files into vCard

People use Excel to VCF Converter open source to export Excel file data to VCF file format for a few typical reasons.

  1. Even though an Excel file can store multiple contacts, sending each one separately by email or another method is challenging. One of the primary justifications for converting data from Excel to vCard.
  2. Not all sorts of platforms can open Excel files.
  3. Excel files may have trouble storing contacts.
  4. Because of the Excel file size problem.

These are the rationales behind why Excel to VCF file conversion is more popular. Let’s now examine the conversion process’s methodology.

How Can I Freely Convert Excel to VCF?
The manual conversion of Excel files to VCF files consists mostly of three steps: first, export Excel to a CSV file; second, import contacts from CSV files into the local system; and third, export Contacts to vCard.

Step 1: Excel to CSV conversion

  1. Launch Excel and open the XLS/XLSX file.
  2. Select the Save As option after clicking the Office symbol.
  3. Next, decide where to save the file.
  4. Next, choose the CSV file format, and then click Save.
  5. If the workbook contains multiple sheets, a warning appears. After clicking “OK,” save the sheet.
  6. There will be one more message. Select Yes to maintain the workbook’s original format.

The Excel to VCF Converter open-source program is now at the next stage.

Step 2: Importing Contacts from CSV files to the System

  1. In the search field, type contacts after pressing the Windows icon button.
  2. From the Contacts pane, select the Import tab.
  3. Select CSV from the Import to Windows Contacts wizard and click Import.
  4. Click Browse to locate the .csv file created in step 1.
  5. At last, select the.csv file and press Next. Then map the contact fields and click Finish.

Next, export Excel open source to vCard after importing contacts from CSV files to the computer.

Next, export Excel open source to vCard after importing contacts from CSV files to the computer.

step 3. Exporting contacts to a vCard

  1. Go back to the Contacts Window and select every contact that you want to save as a VCF file. Following that, choose Export.
  2. In the procedure to export contacts from Windows (a folder of vcf files), select vCards.
  3. Select Export from the drop-down box and then click OK after deciding where to save the. vcf file.

If you needed a free WholeClear Excel to VCF Converter, that was the answer. However, there are several reasons why this could be difficult, such as large amounts of data or the need to do bulk conversions, which make the procedure time-consuming. In that situation, you can choose a specialized program, such as Excel to vCard Converter, to effectively complete the task.

In conclusion, we have now seen how to convert Excel to VCF offline. And you may always choose a tool to make it simple. If somebody ever asks you how to export contacts from Excel to VCF, I hope that was helpful. We appreciate you reading this article. I hope you found it informative and helpful.

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