1 December 2023

When you run a business, you think about money all the time. You probably have a good idea of how much it costs to make your products. But do you know how much custom boxes and packaging cost?

Let’s be honest. Packaging is an integral part of your customers’ unpacking experience and its bottom line, but discovering something seemingly mundane like packing and shipping costs likely landed at the bottom of your to-do list.

How much do custom boxes cost?

The short answer: custom packaging costs less than you probably think. But there is no single, simple answer to your boxing needs. How much does a personalized box cost? How much does a watch cost? The answer, of course, depends on many variables. Are we talking about a high-end Rolex or a more homemade Timex variant? I can’t tell you for sure that it costs $ 2.36 per box, nor can I tell you that a watch costs $ 50. That is until you know more about what exactly you’re looking for. Like watches, boxes come in all shapes, sizes, designs, uses, colors, etc. There are no limits to your options.

But do not worry. While there is no simple answer that will keep everyone happy, there are ways to determine how much custom boxes will cost your business. Once you know what you need, a detailed estimate can be done to make a packaging estimate that is meaningful to you. To begin with, you can ask yourself the following questions to get a better idea of ​​how much your company will be spending on custom boxes:

What kind of products do you sell?

First and foremost, it comes down to what you put in your boxes. Do you need retail boxes? Cosmetic boxes? Show packaging? How you answer these questions has a huge impact on how much you spend on custom boxes.

Ask yourself the following questions about your products to refine your assessment:

What is the price of your products? 

When you sell luxury items, your customers expect the packaging to reflect it. In addition, you will want to be pampered when you unpack your products. So, it would help if you thought about the overall look and feel (and make money). Throwing a few peanuts in corrugated cardboard isn’t enough. Think about adding some great factors such as Using different colors and textures or satin ribbon closures to wrap everything.

If your items are expensive, consider tamper-evident containers for added security. Of course, this will add to your costs, but it will help ensure that your products arrive in good condition.

Are your items fragile?

No matter what you ship, the top priority is that your items are properly protected. Some things need more protection than others.

Are your goods perishable?

When shipping items like cheese or steaks, you need to find the right box, so your items don’t arrive in a mess. Unfortunately, these special boxes increase your costs.

Do you ship products in different sizes? 

There is no point in buying custom boxes in a single size. If the package is too big for your items, you will waste money on shipping and filling. Instead, you will want to see a variety of boxes of different sizes that will fit all of your products, large or small.

What kind of brand do you need?

Another important factor that determines how much you pay for your custom boxes and other packaging is the type of branding you want (also known as your box design).

Are you looking for a small logo printed on your box, or would you like all sides to be covered with your brand colors, logos, and slogans?

Large, established companies like Amazon can afford to keep their brand simple. If you look at a box with the Smile logo on it, you will know where it came from. But, of course, most companies have to add a little more pizzazz if they want to be remembered and stand out from the crowd.

And the brand is not limited to the box. It continues inside all the inner packaging. So, as you can imagine, undertaking a full branding crusade won’t be as cheap as printing your logo.

What volume do you expect to need? 

The volume of your packaging determines the printing method you use. They like the speed flexo gives you, but the setup cost means that short runs cost you a lot.

Does it match a fancy logo or your brand name in a standard font? 

There is a lot to consider when designing your box print. The main thing to consider is whether you are using an image-based logo or your brand name in a standard font and how many colors you have incorporated. As with the first point, the type of layout used will affect the type of printing method you choose. You don’t want to spend money on a printing method that costs more when your packaging design can easily be completed using a cheaper way. Sometimes a single color logo on the packaging can be more effective.

How much is your time worth?

You know the old saying that time is money. This also applies to your shipping and packaging requirements. It takes time to prepare a beautiful package carefully. Is it worthwhile for your employees to carefully fold and glue the tissue paper, or would you be content to fill your boxes with kraft paper casually?

Or maybe your business has more time than money. In this case, you can put a logo label on each shipping box. Or perhaps it makes more sense for you to invest in printing your logo on each box, so it’s ready to go.


At first glance, custom boxes may seem too expensive for your budget. But by playing with your custom options and priorities, you can find a custom boxing solution that works for you. And it’s not that you have to order the same type of box forever. As your business grows and your needs change, you can always update and spice up your custom boxes to reflect that.

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