30 November 2023

You may know Fly Low as a lifestyle brand that has been frequently featured in buying guides published by Outside and Freeskier Magazines – among others.

Flylow gear is not just about image; it’s designed to perform. With that said, there’s plenty of Fly Low gear that’s suitable to supplement your workwear, too.

For instance, the following pieces of Flylow gear, which are comfortable, stylish, and surprisingly durable.

1. Fly Low Men’s Trailworks Pants
Flylow’s Men’s Trailworks Pants are built tough while remaining lightweight enough to stay cool when you turn up the heat.

Made with tough, 100% nylon canvas, they’re durable enough for rough jobs and the pants are finished with a DWR to keep you dry and comfortable in light rain or moderately wet conditions.

They also offer plenty of storage (two hand pockets, two back pockets, and side pockets) and offer a tailored fit that gives them a slimmer look than most work pants.

Get a pair for trail maintenance, blazing new trails, or just for general yard work – they won’t let you down.

2. Fly Low Men’s Robb Tee Shirt
This one’s not actually designed as a work shirt, but will help keep you cool in the summer heat, too – so it’s also great for running or riding.

The Men’s Robb Tee Shirt is made with a special enzyme salt-washed DriRelease blend (85 polyester, 15% cotton), giving it a super-soft feel and an excellent ability to wick moisture, to keep you dry and cool.

3. Fly Low River Cowboy Hat
One thing every workwear repertoire needs is a good western-style hat to keep you comfortable in a wide range of conditions. The Fly Low River Cowboy hat is that hat – for hot weather.

Made with a straw weave, it’s lightweight and breathable, but provides plenty of shade – perfect for those searing summer days when you’re out in the garden, working on the trail, or just hiking in exposed country. It will keep the sun out of your eyes and shade your neck and shoulders, too, while allowing a breeze to pass through and cool you.

4. Fly Low Magarac Gloves
Flylow Magarac gloves may not be made of steel (like their namesake) but they sure are tough.

Designed as ski gloves, they’re made with tough pigskin outers and backed by 500-denier canvas; more than tough enough to buck anything the trail can throw at you.

But they’re also durable enough to dig pits, blaze trails, and more. There might be objectively tougher work gloves out there, but few are this warm and this comfortable.

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These are only a few top picks from Fly Low’s catalog. There are many more where they came from.

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