29 November 2023
Diesel Pressure Washer

Selecting The Proper OneWash your professional equipment, walls or other surfaces more frequently with ease when choosing a high-powered Diesel Pressure Washer.

These pressure washers offer powerful cleaning while in motion. Available with various accessories and accommodating either hot or cold water temperatures, these pressure washers make for efficient high power cleaning while on the move. Discover your ideal pressure washer by reading on. Why Do Diesel Pressure Washers Excel?

Diesel pressure washers feature more robust construction and have the following attributes compared to electric models:

Electric pressure washers reach 160 bars of pressure; Hot or cold water use, whereas most electric models can only use cold water; and flow rates of up to 1,000 liters per hour as compared with only 600 for electric models.

On the other hand, both gasoline and diesel engines require regular maintenance (oil changes, draining of fluids, spark plug replacement and air filter replacement) in addition to producing more greenhouse emissions, being heavier and noisier.

Here Are Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Fuel Pressure Washer.


Pressure, measured in Pascal or bar, refers to the power used to supply water when cleaning surfaces and should be set appropriately with appropriate devices to respect materials while saving water. To achieve both ends, this should be set accurately and set correctly when setting pressure settings for efficient surface cleansing.

Superior Pump You need a sturdy and long-term pump capable of withstanding high pressure water volumes without faltering easily – some manufacturers provide extended warranties specifically on pumps.

Sweep Rate

A flow rate measures the volume of water delivered in one hour (litres/hour). Entry-level machines generally produce 400-500 litres/hour in terms of flow rates while those designed for professional use tend to provide greater amounts per hour.

By choosing a trusted brand, you can have peace of mind that the engines and parts used in your diesel pressure washer are of top-grade quality. Plus, nationwide service and spare part networks will support any warranty or servicing needs you might have.

Comparing Hot and Cold Water

For timesaving cleaning solutions, nothing beats a hot-water high-pressure cleaner equipped with either a diesel or electric boiler for tough stains or oily residues. In fact, high water temperatures make removing grease and oil stains much simpler.

Cold-water machines are widely utilized outdoor cleaning equipment for general dirt removal from tiles, driveway/walkway floors, walls and exterior facades.

Power Supply High-pressure washers typically utilize electrical or endothermic motor power; however, when power resources become limited it may also use endothermic motor power as an alternate power source.

Pressure washers powered by diesel are more fuel-efficient

Fuel efficiency is one of the key advantages of diesel engines; when comparing one diesel pressure washer with its petrol equivalent, its higher compression will make the former more powerful than both engines combined.

Diesel pressure washers are more cost-effective to own Have you ever considered why large enterprises rely on diesel fuel? Diesel engines last longer and cost less to run compared to other forms of engines used for pressure washers, tractors, bulldozers or generators.

Answer is straightforward: diesel engines use less effort to produce the same amount of power than their gasoline counterparts.

Diesel fuel reduces engine component stress, making failure less likely. Furthermore, due to being self-lubricating, its distribution system should last longer than would happen when using gasoline.

There Are Various Additional Possibilities

Many diesel pressure washers can be fully customized with any number of features needed on a job site, such as fire extinguishers, safety stops and fuel tank bunding – some models even offer electric starting and long-range gasoline storage tanks as additional options.

Where Can I Find the Ideal Diesel Pressure Washer

Jetwave diesel pressure washer is unsurpassed as they offer many features such as:


Thanks to its innovative modular design and configuration options, the Explorer G2D offers unparalleled adaptability. Perfect for virtually every mounting configuration imaginable, its compact form factor means more gear can fit inside with less room taken up by this versatile tool – so be ready for anything.

Vibration-Resistant System

The Anti-Vibration Protection System (AVPS) helps performances be quieter. Specifically designed to isolate vibration frequency generated from high durometer rubber and reinforced steel dampeners used by power plants, its heavy duty steel motor plate helps separate them and separate their vibration frequencies from each other.

Skid Configuration with Top Lift Points

This unit’s skid design ensures it remains securely in its place and prevents runaway. Top lift access points and forklift pockets offer added simplicity and safety during transportation.

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