8 December 2023
Qvidian Proposal Automation

Qvidian Proposal Automation

Searching for investors or vendors for a new project can be challenging. Companies often need to improve first, creating engaging business proposals. When the business proposals aren’t engaging, there will be fewer responders. Similarly, companies or professionals responding to RFPs (Request for Proposals) worry about submitting the right responses.

Luckily, the proposal automation features of Qvidian allow buy-side and sell-side firms to create engaging business proposals and respond to RFPs. Industry professionals must know how to leverage the power of Qvidian for RFP management.

Read on to understand the role of Qvidian Proposal Automation in enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

Are You Familiar with Qvidian?

Before discussing the proposal automation feature, you must know about Qvidian. It is a software solution for creating sales proposals and responding to RFPs and is used for content management and sales enablement by different organizations. It streamlines the process of drafting, managing, updating, and delivering business proposals.

Similarly, it streamlines different processes involved in responding to RFPs. Besides RFPs, Qvidian can create other sales documents. Built-in templates are available for professionals to create engaging sales documents. It is a one-stop solution for creating and responding to sales documents, including RFPs.

Qvidian has several features to improve the sales or RFP process. For instance, it offers excellent content management facilities. You can use Qvidian as a central repository of sales-related content. Similarly, Qvidian offers content personalization, collaboration, analytics, reporting, and integration features.

One of the talked-about features of Qvidian is proposal automation. It allows firms to create business proposals with fewer manual efforts. The proposal automation feature also helps professionals respond to RFPs. Qvidian can parse documents with the help of AI and automate the proposal process.

How Qvidian Proposal Automation Enhances Efficiency and Collaboration?

Qvidian proposal automation has allowed individuals to respond to more RFPs in a given period. Similarly, organizations are creating better business proposals with the help of proposal automation. 

Here’s how the proposal automation feature enhances efficiency and collaboration:

Automated Content Insertion

Professionals often search for relevant information to include in a proposal. They manually copy and paste relevant information. Using Qvidian helps them automate the insertion of relevant content, reducing the need for manual labor. 

As discussed above, Qvidian also acts as a repository for relevant content. The content will be picked and inserted into the proposal to save time. It will increase the efficiency of professionals involved in creating business proposals.

Automated Response Insertion

Automation features of Qvidian are also available to those responding to RFPs. An RFP can have numerous questions with certain complex ones. Did you know that some RFPs for high-end projects contain hundreds of questions? It might be easier when you have to respond to a few RFPs. 

Things get challenging when there are a large number of business proposals. Qvidian can submit automated responses for certain questions, thus saving you time. You can respond to more RFPs in a given time frame with the automation feature of Qvidian.


Multiple teams can use the Qvidian proposal automation feature. Different teams can generate automated content for proposals and review them. Collaboration of different teams for drafting engaging proposals becomes easier with Qvidian. It is perfect for organizations with multi-step assignment workflows.

Teams can work on the proposal and pass it on to the next one in the hierarchy. A single professional or a team can review the proposal before final submission. Since multiple can collaborate easily, efficiency increases automatically.

Proposal Approval

Besides drafting engaging proposals, Qvidian also helps in their approval. Organizations can define a fixed workflow for the approval of proposals. In such a case, the proposals will be approved only after meeting the quality standards. Automating the process of approval increases efficiency. Also, there are fewer chances of human errors in the proposal approval process.


Creating business proposals and responding to RFPs is a challenging task. Professionals often spend hours drafting the right questions for proposals. Luckily, the Qvidian proposal automation feature is there for your rescue. It allows you to insert relatable content in your business proposals or responses with the least manual effort. Start drafting better proposals with Qvidian!

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