9 December 2023
Salesforce Integration

CRM tools and the demand of salesforce Developers have become an inevitable part of every digital business. Every business is behind in achieving a good online presence and good customer service; this has led to tough competition in the market. 

No matter whether it is a small business or a popular big business, online fame and a positive reputation are mandatory for everyone to sustain themselves in the competitive market. On the other side, every customer has different demands; hence, custom solutions have become a part of every business, which the majority of clients look for. 

Keep on reading till the end to explore why custom solutions and seamless integration matter for business.

Why do custom solutions and seamless integration play a crucial role?

There are multiple reasons why custom solutions have been a big part of the digital industry. Every business is unique as it uses different technologies, strategies, and processes, and hence, it is not compulsory that it will fit into every client’s requirements. Custom solutions help to customise the salesforce and deliver the exact solution that the client strives for.

In addition, seamless integration is also important to achieve crucial business objectives and give the best service to clients. Nowadays, most businesses require multiple tools to operate their business properly; hence, connecting various systems is important for greater efficiency. 

How does a skilled Salesforce Developer help with custom solutions and seamless integration?

  • Skilled developers are obviously a pillar of the organisation. They have an in-depth understanding of the Salesforce platform with all its pros and cons. 
  • So, with clear basic concepts, they will be able to provide more precise custom solutions and integrate across multiple platforms. 
  • A skilled developer has experience in working closely with stakeholders according to the company’s requirements and culture. Hence, they can easily bring up with an effective solution. 
  • They can help write custom code by utilising languages such as Apex and Visualforce to fit the demands of specific businesses.
  • Skilled salesforce developer is knowledgeable in configuring and troubleshooting issues and has experience in playing with various tools and database objects to streamline business operations.
  • Salesforce developers also quickly find and fix any technical glitches or malfunctions using extensive testing methods to meet the highest quality standards.

What are the Challenges faced by various businesses due to a lack of salesforce integration?

Disconnected systems

Connecting various systems is essential to have smooth business operations. Disconnected systems lead to data duplication and many inconsistencies in the business. It makes working hectic for different departments or teams due to old or inaccurate information, which will eventually lead to incorrect decision-making and poor customer interactions.

Lots of manual work

Manual work is never a good option because it consumes a lot of time and still no guarantee of accurate work. It all starts with disconnected systems because there will be a lack of coordination and a lot of manual work. This will affect the organisation’s entire team due to a lack of focus and overload in other tasks. 

It might cause security issues.

If your organisation is not integrated with the right tool or data, it can cause risk to other data if the right safety measures are not applied. 

Improper data analysis and reporting

Developing accurate data and analytics reports is difficult when systems are not integrated. If you don’t have accurate insights, it will lead to wrong decision-making for business. Moreover, you will also not be able to stay updated with performance, trends, areas for improvement, and real-time data. 

Unsatisfied customer experience

Customers seek good interactions and personalised experiences. If your systems are not salesforce integrated, it makes it difficult for a business to provide better client interactions. This can annoy your valuable customers if their queries are not resolved. 

Some basic things to choose the highly-skilled and independent working expert

If you are planning to hire Salesforce developer suitable for your projects, you must evaluate the profile in depth to choose the right expert on board. To hire salesforce developer who is best in all terms, you can do the following things.

Check their experience, certifications, and past projects

You can evaluate their expertise in various projects to get an idea of their expertise in industry-specific knowledge. Check the projects they have worked on earlier, how complex the project was, and how was he/she able to complete that tough project.  Understand the other roles and responsibilities during the entire project to get a complete idea about the salesforce developer skills. 

Check whether he/she has received any certifications from Salesforce relevant to your project needs. Checking the background perfectly can help you pick the perfect salesforce developer who is skilled and all-rounder to handle the project nicely. 

Importance of collaboration and alignment with your business goals.

Collaboration and alignment are two main factors to execute business smoothly without any hassle. By collaborating with various team members, salesforce developers can understand the business context more accurately. It helps salesforce experts to align with your business goals and provide custom solutions according to business.

When you have a good collaboration and transparent communication in the organisation, salesforce developers can easily develop the best strategy for service, ask important questions and get more clarification throughout the project competition. 


If you are looking for more customised solutions and seamless integrations, you must look for an experienced salesforce developer relevant to your organisation’s requirements to redefine your business. With the changing digital business needs, harnessing a skilled Salesforce developer is not just an investment for the company. Still, it’s the strategic choice for avoiding future complexities and propelling the business toward sustained growth and success. 

You should consider challenges faced by your business as the first priority when you hire dedicated salesforce developer to meet the relevancy and comprehensive needs of the business. 

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