5 December 2023
Custom Handle Boxes

Handles on packaging boxes make product holding convenient. From eatables to cosmetic products, handle boxes can be used for all of them. When you choose enticing designs for your custom handle boxes, then the market value of your products increases due to their consumer convenience nature. 

Handle boxes are multipurpose in nature. Apart from the packaging of products they can also be used for gift packaging. They look elegant and classy, therefore people become attracted to them. Handle boxes are light in weight but durable, which makes them a useful type of packaging. 

Why Handle Boxes Are Easy to Use? 

Handle boxes are very easy to use because of easy grabbing. These handles not only give a distinct look to your product but make your product outstanding. With the right selection of size, shape, and material for packaging; handle boxes can prove a sustainable choice for product packaging

They are very light in weight and modern packaging techniques have made them durable packaging. They have numerous purposes. With the use of food-grade materials, handle boxes can be used for packing food products, making the handling of hot foods easy. 


The reason why handle boxes are an easy approach to handling is that they can be used for multiple purposes. Food, cosmetics, tech instruments, and pharmaceuticals all can be easily packaged in handle box packaging. In addition to retail businesses, handle packages can also be used in packing gifts. You can use your handle packaging to market your product as well by adding your company’s logo. 

Personalized Box Styling 

Another useful feature of Custom Printed handle boxes is that they can be personalized in size and design according to your product requirement. Right-sized boxes give a professional look and help your product stand out. You can use colors of your choice to relate the product’s nature with the packaging. 

Personalized design is helpful in getting the right size and shape of the packaging. It will give a professional look to your product and increase customers’ loyalty toward your brand. 

Material Selection for Custom Handle Boxes 

One of the most important steps in box manufacturing is material selection. Lightweight products have different material requirements than weighted ones. 

If your product is heavy then corrugated material is the right choice for your product. The flutes in it will give strength to your custom-printed handle boxes. The same material will be useful for packaging hot items to retain their heat. 

Cardboard and kraft are some other choices for handle packages. Kraft is preferred due to its unbleached and environment-friendly nature. While cardboard is used when a solid packaging box is required. 

Catchy Designs to Attract Customers 

Designing is very important in product packaging. Elegantly designed boxes are valuable in attracting customers. Moreover, if the design symbolizes the nature of your product, your packaging becomes perfect.  Handle box packaging is getting more popular day by day. Many companies have started using handle packages. With the use of a unique design, your product will be able to knock out your rivals.

Innovative Add-on Options 

Add-ons give finishing to your product. The right choice of add-ons helps you reach your target audience. You can add your company’s information and contact number on your boxes to make them different from your competitors. The nature of the product decides which type of embellishment is required. A good embellishment shows the brief qualities of the product.  

Some of the common add-ons are enlisted below:

  • Blind embossing and debossing
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Cold foil stamping 
  • Leather handles 
  • Ribbon handles 
  • Window patching 
  • Metal locks 

Die-cut Window Designs

Die-cut window designs give a very pleasant look to your custom-printed handle boxes. Customers can get an idea about the quality of the product by looking through the die-cut windows. Therefore, dit-cut windows on boxes always prove beneficial. 

Right Positioning of Handles 

Another very important aspect of Wholesale custom Printed Boxes is the positioning of handles. The rightly positioned handles give a professional look to your packaging. Handle positioning should maintain the box equilibrium. Handles should be placed in such a way that they do not interfere with the product presentation. 


Custom handle boxes are one of the most convenient packaging styles. It has multiple uses, which makes them a preferable packaging style. With the use of high-quality material, the packaging can become long-lasting and reusable for a reasonable period of time.

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