2 December 2023
Cloud Phone System

With improved functionality, cloud telephony systems increase team efficiency and let businesses of any size deliver excellent customer support. Any manager or business owner is aware that companies that provide a better customer experience prosper and expand more quickly.

How easy and effective the interaction with your consumers will be will be defined/determined by the characteristics of your business phone system. All of these built-in/integrated features might provide you a competitive edge and aid in developing a fruitful sales plan.

Your unique communication demands will be best served by the variety of business phone functionalities available to you. You can find some of the most helpful features for your small or medium organization in this blog.

Cloud Phone System: A Quick Overview

An application that enables you to place and receive calls online is known as a cloud phone system or service. Your cloud phone system employs a VoIP-based PBX solution to transport your calls over the internet, in contrast to conventional analog phones, which require optical fibers or copper lines.

Even though certain internet-based phone systems can be set up on-site, cloud phone systems often operate over the cloud, which means they don’t need any on-site hardware or ongoing maintenance and are maintained by a third-party vendor off-site.

Any network-connected device, including cellphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and even standard deskphones, can access the service.

Benefits and Features of Cloud Telephony System for Businesses

Call Queue

While your clients wait, call queue will manage all of the simultaneous calls coming in for you while keeping them amused with music and pre-recorded messages.

It may even provide a consumer the option to request that you call them back as soon as someone on your team is available.

Consider a scenario in which you want a client to explicitly contact your sales team, one of your company’s divisions. In this case, customers are placed in a queue after selecting a prompt for this division or dialing a specific sales contact phone number.

This allows some colleagues to handle incoming calls without losing other clients to busy signals or unanswered phones.

Auto Attendant

When calling a company, customers don’t like to be put on hold. According to a recent study, more than 80% of customers want to talk to someone right away when they call customer service.

Your agents might not always be able to do that, in which case an auto attendant system will come in very handy.

It is an automated answering service that welcomes your clients and answers their calls, either by connecting them to the proper agent or, in the case of straightforward inquiries, by guiding them through interactive menu selections.

SMS Messaging

Even though voice calls are still significant, sometimes a brief text message suffices. VoIP gives you more options than just business voice calls. From any device, including a mobile phone or computer, you can send and receive text messages to a client or a member of your team.

Call Forwarding

One of the cloud telephony capabilities that small businesses find most useful is call forwarding. To make sure you never miss a call, you can forward calls from your business phone to another number, like your cell phone.

Additionally, you can configure rules to only forward specific calls or to only forward calls at particular times of the day. You can always take business calls thanks to this flexibility, no matter where you are. VoIP features like call forwarding are particularly useful for mobile businesses.

Voicemail to Email

It’s fantastic to have voicemail, but not if you can’t return to your desk phone to listen to it. With this feature, those times are gone. Now, when a voicemail is left, it is immediately transferred to your email, where you may listen from any location.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing adds a visual component to your calling function. No matter where you are calling from, it lets you to meet in person and interact with coworkers, clients, and other key business contacts in real time.

You can hold productive conference calls without the need for a specific place by using video conferencing, which frequently includes built-in collaboration options like screen sharing, file sharing, presenting, and group discussions.

Mobile App

You may simply make and receive calls on your mobile device using VoIP telephony. To make it simple to use your smartphone or tablet as a softphone, all top VoIP service providers include a phone app.

You can utilize your company number with the app without having to carry around two mobile devices. The app also gives you access to your calling capabilities, messages, and voicemails.

Where To Find the Best Provider of Cloud Phone System for Businesses?

The best and brightest in contemporary commercial communications are cloud phone systems. You may live your life without ever having to worry about missing a crucial call. You may collaborate and communicate more effectively by placing calls online. This will not only simplify your life but also increase the productivity of your business.

The best cloud phone systemsfor you, regardless of whether you run a small business or a huge organization, is Vonex. Contact the experts right away if you want to find out more about what a cloud solution can achieve for you.

Are you prepared to begin using your new cloud phone system? Contact their sales department or ask for a demo right away.

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