11 December 2023
complete CA Intermediate Syllabus

The CA Intermediate exam is the second level of the CA Course or Chartered Accountancy. So the CA Intermediate syllabus has eight subjects divided into two groups. Each group has four subjects, and students can appear in either one or both groups, depending on their preparation level. Also, ICAI has introduced the CA Inter new syllabus 2023, where a few topics are deleted. Hence, students must verify the new syllabus and prepare accordingly for the Nov 2023 attempt. 

If you have completed the CA Inter registration, you must note that they must fill up the exam form, or else they won’t be able to get their admit cards. Subsequently, they can’t appear for the exams. The CA Inter Exam Form fill-up date is  August 23, 2023, without the late fee. 

Studying for the CA Intermediate test might be intimidating, especially given the exam’s extensive and rigorous content. However, with the approach and dedication, completing the CA Intermediate Syllabus within six months with the right CA Intermediate Coaching, a positive mindset, and a disciplined approach is possible. This blog post will discuss ten tips to help you stay on track and complete the CA Inter Syllabus within the given period.

10 Helpful Tips To Complete The CA Intermediate Syllabus Within 6 Months

1. Consider Enrolling in a CA Intermediate Coaching

While some students excel at self-study, others may benefit from guidance and support. Participating in the CA Inter coaching program can help students understand ideas and prepare more effectively for examinations. Therefore it is advisable to prioritize joining a coaching institute.

2. Develop a Structured Study plan to Complete CA Intermediate Syllabus

To ensure completion of the CA Intermediate Syllabus, creating a study plan that can be followed diligently is crucial. This study plan should incorporate scheduled coaching hours, dedicated self-study sessions, mock tests and regular revisions.

3. Utilize the Study Materials Provided by ICAI. Try to Complete the CA Intermediate Syllabus on Time

Access to study materials can significantly impact your preparation process. It is highly recommended to refer to the study materials provided by ICAI as they include all the resources for preparation of the CA Intermediate syllabus. Solve practice papers (MTPs), revision test papers (RTPs), year questions, official study material and other relevant resources. Additionally, high-quality reference books may also prove beneficial.

4. Emphasize Understanding Over Memorization of the CA Intermediate Syllabus

Instead, avoid relying on learning techniques and prioritize gaining a deep conceptual understanding of the subject matter. This approach will enable you to tackle any question and prove beneficial in your professional endeavours.

5. Learning Effective Time Management to Complete the CA Intermediate Syllabus

Successfully managing your time is crucial to completing the ICAI Intermediate Syllabus within six months. It is critical to design a study timetable, allot time for each subject, and adhere to it religiously. Avoiding procrastination and maintaining discipline throughout your preparation are aspects.

 When it comes to taking tests, time management is equally important. Many students struggle to finish the set of CA Inter questions. Therefore solving sample question papers can help you learn time management techniques.

6. Take Mock Tests

Mock tests are tools for assessing your progress and identifying areas that require improvement. Make it a regular part of your study routine to gauge your understanding of the CA Intermediate Syllabus and become familiar with the exam format.

7. Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern & marking scheme

Comprehending the entirety of the CA Intermediate Syllabus, including the exam pattern and marking scheme, is highly important. When you have an understanding of these aspects, you can prepare effectively. You will get knowledge of the types of questions asked and their weightage in terms of marks.

8. Prioritize maintaining a healthy lifestyle

While following your study routine, remember not to neglect your health. Ensure you get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly. 

Living a lifestyle can significantly improve your ability to retain information leading to productive study sessions.

9. Set aside time for revision

Dedicating time each week to reviewing the CA Intermediate Syllabus is essential. You can better retain the information covered by revisiting concepts and strengthening your understanding.

10. Maintain positivity and motivation

The path towards completing the CA Intermediate Syllabus may have ups and downs. It’s essential to stay optimistic, keep your motivation high and have confidence in your abilities. Take time to recognise your accomplishments and remind yourself of your ultimate aim of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

VSI Jaipur – The Top Choice for CA Intermediate Coaching

When it comes to excelling in the CA Intermediate exam seeking guidance from a coaching institute can make all the difference. VSI Jaipur is widely recognized as one of India’s leading CA coaching institutes that consistently produces ranking CAs year after year. With its faculty mock tests and personalized focus on student growth, VSI Jaipur stands out as an outstanding option for aspiring CAs.


Completing the CA Intermediate Syllabus within six months requires effort, determination and an organized approach. Just remember that with dedication, you have the potential to achieve your goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant. I wish you all everything possible as you embark on this adventure!

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