1 December 2023
Lighting Stores in Burnaby

Lighting is an integral part of our lives. It not only serves a functional purpose but also adds beauty and ambiance to our homes and spaces. In Burnaby, a city known for its diversity and creativity, finding the perfect lighting solutions is a breeze. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through the top lighting stores in Burnaby, where you can discover a world of illumination and style.

The Importance of Lighting

Before we dive into the details of Burnaby’s best lighting stores, let’s briefly explore the significance of lighting in our lives:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Lighting can transform a space, enhancing its beauty and visual appeal. Whether it’s a chandelier in your dining room or accent lighting in your living room, the right fixtures can make a world of difference.
  2. Functionality: Proper lighting is essential for performing everyday tasks efficiently and safely. It allows you to read, cook, work, and navigate your home with ease.
  3. Mood and Ambiance: Lighting can set the mood in any environment. Soft, warm lighting in a bedroom creates a cozy atmosphere, while bright, cool lighting in a kitchen promotes productivity.
  4. Energy Efficiency: With a growing emphasis on sustainability, energy-efficient lighting options like LED bulbs are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective in the long run.

Top Lighting Stores in Burnaby

Now, let’s explore some of the top lighting stores in Burnaby where you can find a wide range of lighting fixtures to suit your needs:

  1. Living Lighting: Located in the heart of Burnaby, Living Lighting offers an extensive selection of contemporary and traditional lighting fixtures. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the perfect lighting solutions for your home.
  2. Ideal Lighting Burnaby: Ideal Lighting is known for its stunning collection of lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and more. They provide personalized service to help you choose the right lighting for your space.
  3. Lighting Warehouse: With a vast showroom in Burnaby, Lighting Warehouse offers a diverse range of lighting options, from classic to modern designs. They also carry energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.
  4. HomeSense: HomeSense is a treasure trove of home decor and lighting. You can find unique and stylish lighting fixtures, lamps, and accessories at affordable prices.
  5. IKEA: The IKEA store in Burnaby is a go-to destination for those seeking affordable and stylish lighting options. They offer a wide variety of fixtures to suit different tastes and budgets.

Choosing the Right Lighting

When selecting lighting for your home, consider the following factors:

  1. Function: Determine the primary purpose of the lighting (e.g., ambient, task, or accent) in each room.
  2. Style: Choose lighting fixtures that complement your home’s decor and reflect your personal style.
  3. Brightness: Consider the amount of light needed in each space. Dimmers can provide flexibility.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Opt for energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures to save on energy costs and reduce your environmental footprint.
  5. Installation: Ensure that the lighting fixtures you choose are compatible with your home’s electrical systems and ceiling heights.


Lighting is more than just a practical necessity; it’s an art form that can transform your home in Burnaby. Whether you’re searching for a statement chandelier, energy-efficient LED bulbs, or stylish floor lamps, Burnaby’s top lighting stores offer an array of options to brighten your space and elevate your living experience. So, embark on your lighting journey, and let the beauty of illumination enhance your home in this vibrant city.

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