30 November 2023
Puzzle Games

Whether you’re looking for a challenge or something chill to while away the days, puzzle games are often a go-to on mobile thanks to their simple designs and controls. This means you won’t need a beast of a gaming phone to play most puzzle games, which keeps the genre accessible to all. From hardcore brain melters like Bab is You to titles built to relieve stress like Cessabit, there are tons of quality options out there, and AP has put in the work to dig up the very best Android games so you don’t have to. Enjoy!




1 Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Netflix Games has published Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon on the Play Store, bringing the popular puzzle roguelike to Android. While this Forbidden spitis rpg puzzle does differ from the original platformer, the puzzle-based gameplay is superb, offering falling block gameplay any Tetris fan should recognize. The mechanics are simple enough to understand while still remaining challenging to master, which is why the gameplay loop is so addictive, all without pesky monetization to ruin the experience. You will need a Netflix account to play, but beyond that, this is a premium release that stacks up to its console and PC counterparts.

2 Baba Is You

Baba Is You takes a traditional Sokoban puzzle game and turns it on its head through the use of cryptic words. You’ll unlock specific abilities and areas by pushing certain words together, which is ultimately how you solve each puzzle. Still, these solutions aren’t easy, as this is an incredibly challenging game, but the solution is the reward, and it feels great once you finally get past a puzzle that was previously stumping you.

Baba Is You may be a short game clocking in at 7 hours to beat, but it’s one of the best puzzle games on the platform, which is why it’s a great title to start with for today’s puzzle game roundup.

3 Path of Giants

A slick puzzle game where you’ll control three characters, each offering unique skills to see you progress through each stage. As you can guess, you’ll use these characters to solve each stage’s puzzle, with the challenge growing with each solved stage. The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is enjoyable, and it’s easily played in bite-size sessions to ensure this is a title best played in your downtime. Best of all, what you see is what you get, as this is a premium release, so you’re free to enjoy the Rpg game in its entirety once you pay $4. Not bad, not bad at all.

4 Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks is styled as a miniature golf game, but it’s actually a puzzle game (which is why it’s on today’s list). There are more than 120 levels to explore, spread across ten worlds. Cards are used for movement as you decipher which cards will get your ball into the hole, making for a logic puzzler you will have to spend time thinking about, but that’s where the fun is to be found, illustrating why this game is so appealing. It’s designed well and offers tons of fun. What’s not to like?


Sliding tile puzzle games may have a reputation for being simple, but Gorogoa is anything but. Sure, you’ll slide some tiles around, as that is part of the core gameplay, but thanks to some striking art and abstract puzzle solutions, this game goes way beyond moving a few tiles. Imagine if Salvador Dalí created a video game, and you’re getting close to the abstract play within this release. While the game is only two hours long, it’s a heck of a ride that shouldn’t be missed.

6 Cessabit: a Stress Relief Game

Cessabit is described as a stress relief game, and that label is apt. It will be your job to inspect each hand-drawn picture in the title and then answer questions about the image to the best of your ability. You can tap objects in each stage to uncover a few hints if any questions stump you, and the beautiful line art makes this game a sight to behold, so if you enjoy chill memory games, Cessabit is a release that ticks all the appropriate boxes.


PUSH is a fun minimal puzzle game where your single objective is to push a bunch of buttons in the correct order. What is great about this setup is that there are no timers and no tutorials. Heck, there aren’t even any boss fights. This game is solely focused on gameplay and gameplay alone. Essentially, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a competent puzzle game that offers a stress-free experience.

8 Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time is a stunning hidden object game that offers wonderful art, cute animations, and enjoyable gameplay. Mostly you’ll spend your time deciphering clues to find all the hidden objects in each level, and each stage is pleasantly animated, making it easy to gaze at the screen for hours as you hunt down every last hidden object. If you enjoy titles like Hidden Folks but are looking for a splash of color to brighten the experience, then you’ll love Hidden Through Time.

9 G30 – A Memory Maze

G30 – A Memory Maze is a minimal puzzle game that offers a unique story about a person suffering from a cognitive disorder. It will be your job to piece together their memory by solving two-part puzzles of scattered text and random images. You’ll spend most of your time rotating these images to form larger pictures. The secondary puzzle element comes into play as you cycle these pics through words displayed at the top of the screen. These words ultimately tell a story, but you’ll first have to solve each puzzle before you can piece together the entirety of the tale.

10 Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a stylish hidden object game that’s a joy to look at and play. The art is hand-drawn and consists of black-and-white pen and ink designs. Players are tasked with finding a particular person hidden in each drawing, much like a Where’s Waldo book. This is easier said than done since you’ll have to peel back and move objects in each environment to hunt down these hidden people. Unlike many of the hidden objects on the Play Store, Hidden Folks offers a highly interactive experience, which has a lot to do with the wonderfully engaging art style.

11 hocus.

Hocus is an indie puzzle game that exudes a minimal style. It will be your job to navigate a cube through a series of optical illusions. There are 120 hand-crafted levels to explore, and if you get tired of these levels, you can jump into the optional level builder to design your own. What’s great about this system is that you can share these homemade levels through a code or card, which means you can jump into levels created by other players if you wish.

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