6 December 2023

The ideal time best places to visit In Spain during the autumn and spring season. These are those months in April and May, September, June and October. In this period, you’ll experience good weather and lower prices without contending with the summer peak crowds in July or August.

There’s a strong possibility that after your first visit to Spain, you’ll plot your next trip back on the plane ride home. So relax, and use this list of fantastic places in Spain to visit as inspiration for your first trip there.


Now, the cities of Spain offer visitors magnificent architecture and nightlife experiences, making one such city of particular note to first-time travellers to Spain: Seville.

The island provides visitors with an unforgettable seashore experience, lined by crystal-clear waters and golden-hued sand beaches attracting thousands yearly. This spectacular beach ranks among Spain’s premier attractions for first-time visitors.

Spain’s Balearic Islands are its largest. Boasting beautiful beaches that will live up to your expectations and lined with towering mountains that provide ample touristic fun, these Islands also boast hilltop monasteries that should not be missed on any travel itinerary or flight reservation for Schengen visa.

Beaches are constantly active with water activities and native cuisines. From swimming to basking, the location is always full of adventure. One of Spain’s must-see destinations for first-time travellers. 

Mallorca provides access to the sea’s gorgeous shrine. This is one of the finest places for first-time visitors to Spain to visit.

Swimming, water sports, surfing, sunbathing, monasteries, seafood treats, old buildings, unique streets, and charming communities are among the activities available in Mallorca. 


Visit Barcelona as it provides an unforgettable European city experience and the perfect spot for first-time travellers in Spain. A truly enjoyable destination in Spain that deserves everyone’s visit.

In addition to its fantastic nightlife and shopping, this city is also known for its lively atmosphere. Numerous restaurants, cafes, and stunning cathedrals are spread across the city. Repeat visitors are common among Barcelona’s tourists. The first-time traveller to Spain should go here.

The Black Madonna, a cable car ride, an underground lake, and a beautiful beach are just a few of Barcelona’s many attractions. 


Barcelona, famed for its vibrant nightlife, is one of Spain’s premier travel destinations that will entice you to come back repeatedly. Boasting amazing beaches, buildings, and structures, this vibrant city provides plenty of activities.

If clubbing excites you, Seville offers plenty of clubs for clubbers to test their feet on. Food, beverages and nightlife will ensure a successful visit to Spain!

What’s a fun game you remember from Spain? Bullfights, yes. Seville has some of the best bullfighting shows in the world for tourists. Seville is a great place for people who have never visited Spain before. Seville is one of Spain’s best places to visit because it has so much to offer.


The top places to visit in Spain cannot be complete without this stunning area. If you’re looking to get involved in some Art and Science, Valencia is the perfect place for those who are. Famous for its annual Fallas Festival. Numerous luxurious structures and architectural designs are visible in the city.

The River Turia is one of Spain’s most picturesque waterways. Many visitors come to enjoy the area’s many scenic parks and gardens. A must-see for any first-time tourist to Spain. The city comes to life at night, illuminated by neon signs and packed dance clubs.

The most important supporting papers for a Schengen visa application are accommodation letter for visa and a flight reservation. The foreign office of the Schengen country you want to visit must see that you have a place to stay for the whole time you are there. 

Parque Del Retiro And Palacio De Cristal, Madrid

Its Parque del Retiro (Buen Retiro Park) and The Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal) in Madrid are a must-see combination for first-time visitors to Madrid. The seventeenth-century Retiro Park is an oasis in the middle of the city, featuring beautiful landscaping covering over 100 hectares. It also has around 15,000 trees that shade its pathways.

When you get to the pond at the heart of the park, you can go on different routes to visit the Andalusian-inspired Jardines of Cecilio Rodriguez, The Rose Garden and the French Jardin de Don Cecilio.

The Crystal Palace, right amid the park, is worth a look. Almost entirely composed of glass and iron, this 72-foot-tall palace takes the form of a Greek cross with a brick base and ceramic accents.


Strategically situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the delightful southern part of Spain’s Andalusia region. Granada follows this list of destinations you must visit while in Spain for first-time visitors.

This Moorish Hilltop Fortress Complex of Alhambra is an absolute highlight of an excursion to Granada. It’s not just the most frequented spot in the capital but also among the more well-known places in Spain. The city was established during the reign of Nasrid Sultans; it’s the sole surviving palatine town from the Islamic Golden Age and contains royal palaces, reflection pathways, pools with fountains, gardens, and palaces.

While exploring this lively city, take in the numerous architectural and artistic landmarks in diverse styles ranging from Renaissance to Baroque and Neoclassical.

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