29 November 2023
5 Ways In Which Auditing Using Spreadsheets Is Stifling Productivity-01

Paper forms and Excel spreadsheets are popular tools used for audits and other types of inspections in a wide range of industries. You might not be very interested in changing the way you do checks. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken?

The right answer is that you won’t know what you’re missing out on if you haven’t done any good digital checks before.

In this post, UrAudits offering the top internal audit and audit checklist digitally will list the top reasons why your current paper and/or spreadsheet audits aren’t the best. UrAudits will also share real-life stories of clients who went digital with their inspections and haven’t looked back since.

1. Audit Reports Take Too Much Time To Finish

Audit Reports Take Too Much Time To Finish-01

When you get back to your office desktop computer after doing checks, walking around the building, or going to different places, you might need to put everything in the Excel report, including attaching the right images, scanning any paper proof, etc. This not only takes a lot of time, but it also causes a lot of delays and cuts down on the total number of checks that can be done.

If audits are done right away on a mobile device like a phone or computer, none of these steps are necessary. You can attach photos right away from your phone, tap the replies and notes, and add more comments when you get to the office if you need to.

After that, all you have to do is click a button, and a report that looks like it was made by a professional will be made right away and is ready for saving or sharing to other people. UrAudits customers say that the auditing and reporting processes are up to five times faster, and that the number of audits that the field teams performs has gone up a lot!

2. It Is Hard To Keep Info That Is Consistent And Trackable

It Is Hard To Keep Info That Is Consistent And Trackable-01

Each user is responsible for filling out the forms and making sure the spreadsheets are up to date as best they can. Using naming standards, keeping track of when make changes in the document recently and by whom, and always remembering when it was made are all problems that need solution.

You don’t have an easy way to give the right rules and limits, like requiring a photo for a certain question, using a certain color code, and other similar requirements. When you look at charts that have been kept by more than one person, you will notice that they are very different.

Also, if you change the template for your inspection checklist, you need to make sure that everyone on your team uses the most current version from then on. Version control has the ability to become a big problem over time, especially in groups with more people.

When you use digital audit checklists, you can add specific conditions and requirements to make sure that the data you collect is accurate. Any changes you make are quickly available on every user’s device. Also, thanks to automatic time stamps, GPS locations, electronic signatures, and other features, the user doesn’t have to enter data by hand in order to get consistent and auditable information.

Lastly, you can set up many different access levels in the system. This makes sure that only a small group of people can see or change certain information.

3. Problems With The Way People Talk To Each Other

Problems With The Way People Talk To Each Other-01

When it comes to communication, using spreadsheets or paper offers many problems, one of which is keeping track of different versions. Other parts of this process are sharing the external and internal audit reports, having bosses look them over and give their approval, and being ready to act quickly if needed.

Digital inspection are a big plus because they make it possible to talk to people more quickly. You can sent Instant reports right away to an email group that has already been set up. You can sent n notifications and reminders as needed.

Because of this, the results will get out much faster, and you will resolve the problems much faster.

4. Not Aware With The Results Of Your Audit Have Been Put Into Action

Not Aware With The Results Of Your Audit Have Been Put Into Action-01

Audit checks are done to find problems with quality or safety as well as things that don’t follow the rules. But what steps can you take to make sure that other used your results? In a sea of emails, it’s easy for information to get lost, accountability isn’t always clear, and day-to-day problems take priority.

One thing that UrAudits digital inspection software can do is help you organize your tasks.

If you find a problem, you can quickly give the answer to the right person and use the dashboards to keep track of their progress. Users get notices and reminders, and they can discuss the problem directly on the system.

UrAudits give an unlimited number of Assignees, and they don’t have to log in to the system to give their update. This is because UrAudits know that not everyone will use the app every day.

5. Your Company Has No Way To See How Audits Are Going Across The Board

Your Company Has No Way To See How Audits Are Going Across The Board-01

Are the audit numbers getting better or worse over time? Which three problems do you run into most often with all of your teams or places?

If you had this knowledge, you would be able to make changes to the business on your own. But because the data are spread out over many forms and spreadsheets, it takes too much time to collect past reports and put together summaries.

Even if you do this a few times a year, the information you have is already out of date!

Since the system has all of the audit data, it is easy to look at trend charts over time, which can be broken down by places, auditors, or audit themes. You can get to the information at any time; all you have to do is open the dashboard and choose the filtering factors you want to use. You can also schedule summary reports, which makes sure that the right people are kept up to date on a frequent basis.


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