3 December 2023
bathroom showers ideas

Walk-In Shower Ideas

Almost everyone wants to have a separate walk-in shower space in the bathrooms today. While a walk-in shower makes your bathroom look modern, it also enhances your experience. Walk-in showers make more sense with a clutter-free and spacious bathroom.

The internet is flooded with ideas for the best walk-in shower designs for the bathroom. You can select a beautifully unique bathroom showers idea based on the space available and the utilities you want to add.

Apart from this, the choice of showerhead also becomes difficult. Several brands are offering a wide variety of designs of bathroom showerheads. Different types of showerheads are suitable for different walk-in shower designs.

Your choice may also depend on the overall theme of your bathroom. Here are some top shower ideas for bathrooms that you must consider:

1. Small Door less Walk-In Shower

A door less walk-in shower is a great idea for small bathrooms. If your bathroom does not have enough space to install a shower cubicle or build a separate walk-in shower, you can go for a doorless shower area with a wall/glass partition. Separating the walk-in shower area with walls and doors can make small bathrooms look even more congested.

You can consider a half-glass partition to give your bathroom a spacious and modern look. A wall-mounted showerhead or a small-sized ceiling shower would be the best option for this walk-in shower.

2. Glass Walk-In Shower Attached to Bathtub

A glass walk-in shower attached to a bathtub can be a better choice for spacious bathrooms. Build the walk-in shower at one of the corners of your bathroom and install the bathtub immediately beside it to utilise the space properly.

You can enclose the walk-in shower using a glass door or keep it open based on your preference. For the best experience and a modern look, you can install a large-size overhead shower with this style of walk-in shower.

3. Tiled Shower with Glass Partition

You can dedicate one side of your bathroom to a walk-in shower. Design the shower area using different tiles that suit the theme of your bathroom but are different from the rest of the walls. You can separate the shower area using a plain glass partition or install a glass partition with specific patterns.

If the overall size of your bathroom is small, you should go with light-colored tiles and plain glass partitions. On the other hand, bold tiles combined with patterned glass partitions would be great for spacious bathrooms.

4. Traditional Style Walk-In Shower

You can give a classic look to your walk-in shower by using a combination of white and blue tiles. A corner shower with two tile walls would be great to save valuable space in your bathroom. Using glass walls on the other two sides can make it look bigger by allowing the external light to enter. 

To keep the look subtle, you can use plain white tiles on the walls and create built-in storage with blue tiles. Following the traditional theme, a small-sized round shape shower will be the perfect option.

5. Seamless Design with Large Overhead Shower

If a modern and luxurious look is your priority, you must choose a large overhead shower for your bathroom. Large-size shower heads are generally preferred for spacious bathrooms with modern themes. However, you can also install them in small-size bathrooms by utilizing the space properly and dedicating a larger area to your walk-in shower.

An overhead rain shower is perfect to freshen up your mood after a tiring day. Johnson Bathrooms have an amazing collection of large overhead showers that you must check out.

6. Walk-In Shower with Built-In Storage

Instead of using bathroom shelves or extra storage corners, you can go for built-in storage in your bathroom. These are the storage spaces built in a wall cavity. Built-in storages are especially good for small walk-in showers where storage corners can cause hindrance.

Storage shelf within the walk-in shower adds convenience to your bathroom. You can create a space in the wall or install a shutter storage unit based on the items you’d like to keep close while showering.

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7. Arched Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower with an arched entrance creates a classical appearance in the bathroom. It doesn’t only make your walk-in shower look great but enhances the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Use light-colored mosaic tiles for the perfect aesthetic appeal and make sure to keep the walk-in shower door less. You can install a round shape ceiling-mounted showerhead in an arched walk-in shower.

8. Large Walk-In Shower with Ceiling Overhead Shower

If your bathroom is spacious enough to accommodate a large walk-in shower, you can make your bathroom look ultra-modern by installing a large square-shaped ceiling showerhead. 

Separate the walk-in shower from the rest of your bathroom using a tiled wall, a glass partition, or a mix of both. If you are using tiles, you should match the design of the tiles with the bathroom style.

9. Non-Enclosed Walk-In Shower

Non-enclosed walk-in showers are also in trend for small-size bathrooms. You can separate the walk-in shower just by using a half-tiled wall, i.e., a wall only up to half the height of your bathroom. This is the best idea for medium size bathrooms, where you may lack the space to build a cubicle but still want a walk-in shower.

In this setup, you don’t need to build raised step to enter the walk-in shower. With the right dimensions, colors, and designs, you can give a perfect look to your bathroom with a non-enclosed walk-in shower.

10. Shower Cubicle for Small Bathrooms

A shower cubicle with a curved wall makes the task of building a walk-in shower much easier. A shower cubicle makes your bathroom look luxurious while saving a lot of space at the same time.

You can choose ceiling-mounted rain showerheads for an elevated experience with these shower cubicles. Another advantage of a glass shower cubicle is that it suits almost every bathroom style and can enhance the overall look.

Choose The Right Shower Designs

After deciding on the walk-in shower design, you need to select the right showerhead accordingly. You can find plenty of options in the market to suit every bathroom style. However, you need to consider a few factors to make the right decision. Ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of the showerhead.

Look for top brands providing the best quality showerheads and compare them based on their prices, reviews, etc. Brands like Johnson International offer the best quality rain showerheads with a 4-way thermostatic diverter.

The brand also offers 400x400mm and air rain showers. Air rain showers are a better choice for homes with low water pressure.

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