30 November 2023
10 Laptop Accessories that Students Can't Afford to Miss in Backpacks

10 Laptop Accessories that Students Can't Afford to Miss in Backpacks

Laptops are the best devices to enable portable computing while on the go. The laptops are also an amazing companion for students enrolled in undergrad, postgrad and similar courses, allowing them to accomplish most of the tasks wherever they are. But what if we say you can make them even more helpful with the right accessories? If you are a student or looking for a thoughtful gift to give to your batchmate, here is the list of the most valuable student laptop accessories that are must-haves for your school backpacks.  

A Laptop Bag: It is one of the most ignored accessories of all. When we carry laptops around the school campus or any other place, we tend to hold these devices in our hands or our regular school bags, not realizing it is prone to damage by accidental falls and spills. A durable and comfy backpack is crucial to safely transporting laptops and study materials. Find one with sufficient compartments and padded and cushioned enough to give your device proper support and protect it from any drops and spills. 

USB Flash Drive and External Hard Drive:

The former is also called a thumb drive or USB keys. It is ideal for sharing small and large files to & from the laptop and to the users. USB Flash Drive is the easiest way to make files accessible to different devices such as TV, printers etc. Then comes the external hard drives, ideal for storing additional files, multimedia etc. It is a reliable backup solution, ensuring your data doesn’t get lost when your laptop crashes or malfunctions.  

Laptop Stand: A laptop stand reduces discomfort due to desk height by raising your laptops to your eye level, thereby reducing the eye, neck and back strain. Choose a comfortable and portable laptop stand that you can easily carry around and has ergonomics benefits.  

Wireless Mouse: A trackpad for a laptop for students can sometimes give you more precision, control and comfort. An external mouse provides such benefits, especially when working on a detailed task or scrolling through a large document. Choose a wireless mouse as it is accommodated in a backpack or small desk without causing cable tangling like a wired mouse. 

External Keyboard: An external keyboard can tremendously improve your typing speed and efficiency, especially during extended typing sessions. Also, you get more comfortable and ergonomic supported typing experiences, preventing repetitive strain on your hands and fingers.  

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: When studying in a chaotic environment while attending an online class remotely, noise-cancelling headphones are really helpful. They block out ambient noise and help you create a noise-free study environment, enabling you to study in a distraction-free atmosphere and achieve better focus.  

USB Hub: Some laptops, especially older ones, come with fewer USB ports, which is sufficient for general purposes. However, if you are a student, these may not be enough as you are required to connect multiple external devices, like a monitor, USB drive, mouse etc., to complete your tasks while attending classes or making presentations or projects. A USB hub here helps expand your laptops’ connectivity enabling you to plug multiple peripherals through one port.  

Portable Charger: When you are outside the home working and studying, the laptop runs out of battery with constant use. And sometimes there aren’t any power outlets nearby. As a result, your studies get interrupted, leading to a loss of concentration and flow. A portable charger ensures that your student laptop doesn’t run out of battery, especially when studying on the go or in a place where a power outlet is inaccessible. Plus, it’s a great backup solution.  

Laptop Cooling Pad: If you belong to a STEM field or creative wherein you run intensive tasks or use the device for prolonged hours, you must have noticed your laptop overheating. In most instances, it is normal, but this isn’t good for extended usage, as it can affect your performance and potentially damage the internal components. A laptop cooling pad with built-in fans can help dissipate heat, keeping your device cool. 

Webcam Cover: With the increasing trend of remote working and online learning or distant learning, privacy and security have become paramount. A webcam cover helps prevent unauthorized access and potential hacking by creating a physical barrier on the camera lens when it’s not in use. Plus, it prevents the camera lens from scratching, helping retain its clarity.  


Using a laptop at school makes it easy to take notes, enjoy media, and get work done. If you want to make the most of your new laptop, the above accessories are a must-have, helping you enjoy its full potential.  

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